Did She Really Mean it This Time?

This morning was interesting for me.  I noticed that one of my tires needed air so I decided to swing by the “Kwik Trip” truck stop/convenience store on my way to work.  Since I was there, I thought I would grab some snacks for work.  The following is an account of my...

Rethinking Vegan

I try to use nature as a guide when making nutrition decisions and recommendations.  While I continue to think that most people will benefit from a vegan lifestyle for a month or so twice a year, I have been rethinking a lifelong vegan lifestyle lately because it...
Is the Hippocratic Oath Hypocritical?

Is the Hippocratic Oath Hypocritical?

What would Hippocrates Say? All medical doctors take the Hippocratic Oath which includes the phrase “First, do no harm.”  If doctors are so concerned with what Hippocrates believed, why aren’t they honoring his motto of “Let food be thy medicine”? Something like 6% of...

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