This morning was interesting for me.  I noticed that one of my tires needed air so I decided to swing by the “Kwik Trip” truck stop/convenience store on my way to work.  Since I was there, I thought I would grab some snacks for work.  The following is an account of my interaction with the Shift Manager with whom I have had countless, pleasant interactions before.  Actually, I recall that she was the person who cashed me out on the day that we moved from New Hampshire to Minnesota a year and a half ago.  I remember thinking how pleasant she was and when she said “Thank you.  Stop again.” I knew she meant it.

I went into the store and grabbed a basket and gathered a few items to purchase.  As I approached the counter I see the Shift Manager is behind it strapping assorted fruits to Styrofoam boards and wrapping them in plastic wrap.  I place my items on the counter including 4 bananas, a bag of baby carrots, an apple, two bags of nuts, and a bottle of water.  The Shift Manager greets me and I ask her where the pump is to put air in a tire.  She tells me and then informs me of their specials on Angus Beef Burgers and Chicken something-or-others.  “No, thank you.  I’m a vegetarian.” I replied.  The Shift Manager stopped scanning my items for a moment and stared at me unblinking and wide-eyed for a moment while she processed the words she just heard.  I envisioned a bubble over her head that read “Wow! So they really do exist.  I wonder if unicorns are real too?”

After the transaction, the environmentalist in me felt the need to say one more thing.  I gestured toward the fruit that she had been strapping to Styrofoam trays and said “You know, that’s really a crime against the environment.” (And I thought she looked confused before!)  Dumbstruck, she replied “What?”  Pointing to the fruit “You’re taking fully biodegradable fruit and wrapping it in plastic and Styrofoam that never breaks down.  It’s bad for the planet.”  Still looking at me completely perplexed, I added “If your management ever asks about feedback from customers, you can tell them I said that.”  The following was her reply that took her several seconds to painfully force over her vocal chords: “O…..K……………. Thanks…….Stop… again.”  I’m not sure, but I don’t think she really meant it this time.  I imagine she will have quite the story (about the crazy vegetarian she waited on) to share with her colleagues over a bowl of beer cheese soup with bacon and an Angus burger.

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