Many of our clients were told “this is your new normal,” or that they would have to “stay on their medication forever,” or there is no “cure.” We believe the body has the ability to heal if you remove the blockages and add the substances to facilitate healing. These are just a few examples of our hundreds of success stories.

As Lana fights stage 3 cancer she gains energy to enjoy her life again with PEMF.

Barb’s gray cloud lifted and she no longer feels depressed.

Charity’s digestion no longer runs her life.
Bobbi Jo’s son did not do well with ADHD drugs. Holistic remedies were the answer.
Shirley’s milk production increased overnight!
Wendy avoided heart surgery using natural remedies.
Lisa’s son was taking multiple medications to control his asthma and still struggled to breathe.
No Placebo Effect! Listen to Kate discuss how remote biofeedback therapy helped her son’s migraine headaches.
Rebecca and her family get results utilizing Patti’s services for issues including high blood pressure, a sinus infection, and a facial tic.
Surgery and Prescriptions did not help Morgan’s Pain.
Emily worked with Patti to eliminate her pain through holistic remedies.
More energy and less pain for Jan.
Dan had great success with both physical and emotional pain.
Terra suffered from nearly daily migraines until she found Biofeedback.
Melissa found a non-drug approach to stop her heart palpitations.

Interested in Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise therapy?
Check out our PEMF success stories.

Touching Thank You Note from the Young Son of a Client

Thank you note from the young son of a client.
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Another NUW Baby Success Story!

Mark and Janet

“I came to Naturally Unbridled Wellness for holistic fertility support. I am 40 years old and I tried to get pregnant for 2–3 years before working with Dr. Patti.

“My medical team told me that my ovarian reserve was too low to get pregnant naturally and I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, adenomyosis, and suspected endometriosis. I started working with Patt and her team on September 4, 2020 and by November 25 I had a POSITIVE pregnancy test (JUST 88 DAYS)! My total investment between my first appointment with her and my positive pregnancy test was only $1322. I am so thankful that I came to Naturally Unbridled Wellness for help.

“Our baby is due on August 10, 2021. We couldn’t be more excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with Patti. I’ve spent the past 6 months spreading the word to others and this has been the most positive experience to date.

“Thank you, Patti!”


Over-the-moon Results

“Five hundred stars to Patti Bartsch and Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC.

“I’m only a few days in to my new findings and my world is much improved. YEARS of Clinic appointments and hospital tests could not uncover what I was missing for gut health. DECADES of not feeling well and truck loads of wasted money.

“I’m also having other issues align by proxy.

“Only a few days in and I’m over-the-moon with the care and results. Thank you, Patti! You’re the coolest geek around.


Lisa David Olson

Pregnancy Success!

“After a nearly 12 years of taking birth control pills, I was finally ready to start a family… but my body wasn’t and my cycles were completely out of whack. Month after month ended in a disappointment and though I tried to be patient, I also really wanted to be proactive.

“Patti started me on a series of drops and within the first few weeks of following her instructions, my cycle became “normal.” Then came the biofeedback session, which not only made me feel great, but also seemed to give my body the rhythm it needed. I never did get my next period, but instead the most wonderful outcome — we’re pregnant!”

Melissa C., La Crosse, WI

Got on the Right Path

“Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve just had my first consultation with Patti. It was great, and really helped to direct my focus to improve my life, and get on the right path to my career goals. I highly recommend getting some help from Patti.”

Rachel, London, Ontario

Remote Biofeedback for Dog Recovering from Surgery

“Monte seemed to be walking on his leg with more confidence last night and this morning. The biggest thing I noticed is this morning he let both Drew and I touch his knee. The vet suggested we try to massage the knee as much as possible but he hasn’t let us (or anyone else) get near it since the surgery. In fact, he’ll nip and yip if he thinks you’re too close. So, that was a big breakthrough from our point of view!”

Keli H., Wisconsin

Biofeedback for Rheumatoid Arthritis

“Patti, I slept the best I have slept in a long time, but I was tired all day yesterday. I did seem to move easier and Toby and I went to the dog park last night and I was able to walk and stand without pain. My hands feel great! It’s progress!”

J.S., Wisconsin

Doctors Made My Symptoms Worse

“I have had serious digestive issues for years, and it seemed like every medication the doctors threw at me made my symptoms worsen. I talked to Patti and she recommended a mix of holistic and homeopathic remedies and a diet change. My symptoms have decreased dramatically since and the remedies have no short-term or long-term side effects!

“Patti is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Unlike the doctors I was seeing in the past, she explains everything that is happening in my body and exactly what the remedies are doing to fix the problems. Before talking to her I was afraid that I would be unhealthy and on prescription medications for the rest of my life, but now I am learning how to solve my problems more effectively the natural way. She is now the go-to for all my health questions!”

Amy T., Massachusetts

Always Listens

“Patti always listens to what I have to say and not just what tests say. She treats me like and individual and not just another client. Since seeing her, I have felt better physically and mentally. I would go every day if I could.”

Terra B., Wisconsin

Biofeedback for Chronic Fatigue and Depression

“I felt good after the session. Saturday was a quiet, relaxing day. I actually slept through the night so on Sunday, I woke up ready to go. So I did a work out in the morning, then did laundry, cleaned the house, did some work out side, took the dogs for a long walk, etc etc. It felt so weird because I usually only want to watch the football game. I can definitely feel a difference. I would definitely be interested in trying it again!”

S.B., Wisconsin

Biofeedback for Chronic Shoulder Pain

“Patti, You… ROCK! My shoulder pain is gone. Give me a call to set up another appointment!”

M.D., Wisconsin

Well on the Way to Recovery

“I was very impressed by the Biofeedback Therapy that I had done remotely on a new horse of mine. He was trying to founder when I contacted Patti. The therapy report reaffirmed some of the thoughts we had with him. He was equally stressed mentally if not more so than physically. We had been able to help him physically with different medications but he never seemed to rally.

“Since the therapy session, he has been much more emotionally balanced which helped him bounce back very quickly. He is now well on the way to recovery. He is a much happier and more animated then he has ever been.”

Jackie L., Milwaukee, WI

I Never Thought I’d Be Where I Am Today

“After our first appointment in early December I began taking my supplements and started working more toward an anti-inflammatory diet. I cut out sugar, carbs, grains, and gluten. I felt a lot better and worse at the same time, but I know my body was (and still is) going through a lot of changes. Now a little over a month later, my ENERGY has really improved, I’ve LOST 17 POUNDS so far (the most weight I’ve ever been able to lose), I’ve noticed some of my HAIR starting to come back in, I don’t get MIGRAINE headaches anymore, and the biggest difference I’ve noticed is in my MOOD. I struggled with severe ANXIETY for pretty much all of my life, and for the first time, I feel so RELAXED, HAPPY, and EXCITED about life. I’m not consumed by the things that used to bother me anymore, and I can just let it go. The EVOX session helped with that significantly, too! My SELF CONFIDENCE is higher than it’s ever been, which is amazing.

“I never thought I’d be where I am, especially in such a short time. PEMF has been a lifesaver for my NECK, BACK, and SPINE PAIN too! I really can’t thank you and your office enough for everything!”

Lindsay Behrent

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