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Patti Bartsch

Patti Bartsch, PhD, MA, CCT

Owner, Traditional Naturopath

Patti Bartsch, MA, PhD fell in love with biology in 7th grade when she learned about the skeletal system. A few years later she entered a special program where she studied Animal Science beginning in 10th grade. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, a master’s degree in biology and two doctorates; one in Natural Health and Wellness and one in Animal Naturopathy. She is passionate about natural health and wellness for both humans and animals.

Unique for someone in the natural health field, Dr. Bartsch spent nearly eight years in the biotechnology industry conducting oncology and pharmacology research. She talks about how when she started in the field, they were looking for a cure for cancer but by the time she left the industry they were no longer looking for a cure; they were looking for a drug that would keep your cancer from growing and spreading so you would need to take that drug for the rest of your life or your cancer would spread. She left that career for a position as an Animal Nutritionist specializing in equine nutrition and she went on to become a high school teacher and department head for biotechnology and animal science departments at two schools in Massachusetts.

Patti founded Naturally Unbridled Wellness in 2009 and, when she relocated to southeastern Minnesota during the summer of 2011, she opened a location in Onalaska, WI and works full time supporting clients in naturally achieving their wellness goals. Considered a “Traditional Naturopath”, Patti educates and empowers her clients to regain balance of body, mind, and spirit. Her consultations, therapies, and suggestions are not intended to replace medical care and she encourages her clients to work closely with their physicians when making wellness choices.

Dr. Patti is a popular speaker and trainer for wellness professionals across the globe.

An avid equestrian, animal lover and whole foods connoisseur, Patti enjoys spending her free time with her husband Cory and their animals on their hobby farm in southeast, Minnesota.

Connect with Patti on Facebook www.Facebook.com/NaturallyUnbridled and Twitter @NULifeWellness.

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Danica Hengel

Shari Mitteco, CHC

Certified Health Coach, Wellness & Weight Management Consultant

Shari Mitteco’s passion for supporting people in their wellness journeys led her from the biopharmaceutical industry to the field of personal training and health coaching. With experience working in clinical manufacturing from 1993–2001, Shari played a critical role in the production of drugs for human clinical trials seeking FDA approval. However, her desire to focus on preventative measures and supporting individuals in achieving holistic wellness drove her career shift.

In 2001, Shari entered the personal training field, fueled by her own personal journey of overcoming disordered eating patterns, including sugar addiction, binge eating, and numerous failed diets. Through deep exploration and understanding of the root causes behind these struggles, she was able to transform her relationship with food and achieve her ideal body weight in a sustainable way.

Recognizing that many of her clients shared similar challenges with emotional eating and the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, Shari expanded her expertise by earning certifications in health coaching and weight management consulting in 2006. Throughout her career, she has supported clients in making behavioral and lifestyle changes that lead to long-term success in reaching their wellness goals. Additionally, Shari owned and operated a small gym during her time in Colorado.

While weight management is one of Shari’s specializations, she is also trained in hormone balancing, blood sugar regulation, gut health, mood support, energy improvement, and fostering healthy lifestyle habits. Her comprehensive approach addresses the interconnectedness of various aspects of wellness to support individuals in achieving optimal health.

Originally from the Minneapolis area and now residing in the Coulee Region, Shari relocated to the area from Colorado in 2019 to be closer to her family. With her extensive expertise as a health coach, weight management consultant, and fitness professional, Shari is a valuable asset to Naturally Unbridled Wellness.

Tori Yocum

Tori Yocum, MSc

PEMF Cellular Exercise Specialist
Tori started her journey in wellness during her college years after experiencing chronic health issues. She was experiencing debilitating symptoms and her doctors couldn’t find any solutions. Tori took a nutrition class as part of her pre-med program and noticed that nutrition lessened the severity of some of her symptoms. She kept studying on her own after completing the course. The changes she experienced were enlightening and led her to question the medical system she was preparing to enter, and she threw away her graduate school applications in search of a holistic path.

After graduating with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Tori decided to combine her passions for wellness and cooking by earning her Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, specializing in Mental Health. She has spent many years in patient care and looks forward to using her experiences and knowledge to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

Tori is originally from Pine City, MN but fell in love with the Coulee Region during her time at Winona State University. She now lives here with her husband and son. In her free time, you can find her whipping up experiments in the kitchen or exploring a new hiking trail.


Christine Cronin, PhD

Holistic Health Practitioner

Christine Cronin, PhD is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Chopra Center for Well Being certified Ayurvedic Instructor in Perfect Health. Christine is also a certified personal trainer and member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and the National Center for Homeopathy. Christine is our EVOX practitioner who helps clients to move through emotional blocks via perception reframing.

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Patty Nuttleman

Patty Nuttleman

Spiritual Director, Wellness Technology Specialist
Patty ended up landing at Naturally Unbridled Wellness via a circuitous route, but she certainly ended up in the right place. She started out temping at our front desk while she was looking for her next career and we quickly realized that we needed to find a permanent spot for her. Her enjoyment of connecting with people to better understand and help serve their needs made her realize just how magical working here can be, so after some discussion with Dr. Patti, it became obvious there was an opportunity to help others in a deeper way at Naturally Unbridled Wellness.

Patty has a BA in Communications from Winona State University and has completed the three-year program through the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse to become a certified Spiritual Director. She puts those skills to work for our clients in Compassionate Breakthrough sessions, helping people who are wrestling with grief, loss, or significant changes in their lives. Patty has cross-trained in many of the services and will provide those when she is not conducting Compassionate Breakthroughs. Clients love her and the patient and compassionate care she provides.

She lives north of La Crosse with her husband and two dogs. In her spare time, she loves to go to car races and grow irises.

Heather Mierau

Heather Mierau, CNHP

Client Care Specialist
Heather joined NUW in 2023 as our Client Care Specialist at the front desk. Most of the time, she is the one fielding your phone calls, texts, and emails. As an added bonus, Heather is a Certified Natural Health Professional and she conducts Chair PEMF and BrainTap sessions. Prior to joining our team, Heather spent many years in patient care. Heather’s foundation for her career in Natural Health grew from being raised on a family farm focused on organic and sustainable practices. She was inspired to learn more about Holistic Health when she started experiencing chronic health issues with little to no answers from the medical realm. As our Client Care Specialist, she shines by combining her knowledge with compassion and nurturing traits. She loves all adventurous things outdoors, as well as practicing yoga & anything artsy.

Cory Bartsch

Cory Bartsch

Director of Operations

A partner in every way, Cory Bartsch joined Patti in managing Naturally Unbridled Wellness as the Director of Operations. With a strong background in business and a membership in “Patti University” since 2001, Cory is the perfect person to keep the practice running smoothly and ensure the highest level of customer service and the NUW Client Experience.

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