The 10 Covidments

The 10 Covidments

Those of us in the holistic health world are continually frustrated by the lack of WELLNESS information being provided during our current global situation. You will note that I am intentionally avoiding certain words and phrases because much of the information posted...

You Are 80% Water – Not 80% Soda!

The one thing that I spend the most time talking with clients about is water.  Almost every intake I do results in a conversation about the importance of water.  We tend to take water for granted and can forget how critical it is for good health.  I like to remind...

The Rx Domino Effect

Today I spoke with a young woman (early 30s) who proceeded to list about 15 conditions that she deals with and 9 or so prescription drugs that she was taking.  I spoke with her for a while to try to get an idea of the order of events and I asked her what her initial...

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