What if your body could tell us your innermost secrets? When anything is amiss in your body, your nervous system knows about it long before there are any symptoms. When a problem is detected, energy is sent to that area to determine what is needed to resolve the problem. Your body will not stop trying to fix the problem and will send more and more energy to that area until the issue is resolved. If it can’t resolve the problem, eventually, it will find a way to tell you – usually through pain.

Thermography can identify pain and pathology in the body long before any symptoms develop. With this information, additional support (nutrition, homeopathy, PEMF, laser, hydrogen, ozone, etc.) can be provided to support the healing process before the issue becomes chronic. If the issue is already chronic, Thermography is a safe way to monitor the condition.

NO RADIATION! Our thermography cameras take pictures of the energy (infrared) that is created by your body. Nothing goes into your body during a thermography scan. We are simply capturing images of your thermal signature. Hot spots will be red or white and can indicate inflammation. Cold spots will be blue or purple and can indicate nerve or circulatory issues.

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Thermography is a great way to track your progress through a wellness program without being exposed to toxic radiation or contrast dyes. We simply take a series of photos and submit them to medical doctors (Thermologists) who assess the photos and send us a detailed report of findings.

We have had many clients learn of an issue through their thermography scan (including neoplastic breast changes), take action to address the issue and support the stressed tissues, and have the problem resolve.

Most popular for breast health monitoring, Thermography is able to assess any anatomy other than the brain.

Head & Neck Thermography assesses teeth (including root canals), gums, sinuses, thyroid, carotid arteries, inner ears, TMJ, musculature, and cervical vertebrae.

Breast Thermography assesses breast tissue and surrounding lymphatics.

Organs, Connective Tissue, Nerves, & More

Torso Thermography assesses the heart, lungs, liver, gallbladder, intestines, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, female reproductive organs, musculature, fascia, nerves, bones, spine, and joints.

Limb thermography assesses circulation, nerve conduction, musculature, and joint dysfunction.

We have packages available if you would like to assess multiple areas of the body.

Learn more about Thermography by visiting: https://naturallyunbridled.com/thermography/

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