Assess and optimize the energy capacity of your brain.

The brain is the most important organ in the body, which is why your brilliant body wrapped it in a protective shield. Not only does your skull protect your brain from physical damage, the blood-brain barrier does a pretty good job of protecting your brain from chemical and pathological damage. Unfortunately, sometimes these protective mechanisms fail, and brain function — brain energy — is impacted.

Signs that your Brainergy score is too low might include brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, tremors, insomnia, mood swings, sensitivity to light or sound, emotional imbalances, stumbling, lack of focus, or even addictions.

It is important to know if your Brainergy score is low and what can be done to improve it. It is also helpful to know where you are at today so that if something that affects brain function occurs in the future, you have a reference point to work from.

Brainergy was developed by Dr. Patti Bartsch. So much of what we do at Naturally Unbridled Wellness relates to energy. We have combined cutting-edge technology to assess the energy capacity of the brain, and we have tools and strategies to optimize it.

The NUW Brainergy system consists of the following three components: Measure, Support, and Nourish.

Measuring Your Brain with WAVi

WAVi scans are the foundation of the Brainegy system. We start with a baseline scan: for people who want the data on file to compare to in the future; and for those who are potentially facing a challenge and want to be able to track their progress.

Key Highlights of WAVi:

  • WAVi scanning is the process of measuring the brain’s electrical activity through the scalp.
  • The different frequencies of brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, delta) and their amplitudes are assessed.
  • WAVi utilizes event-related potentials (ERPs) to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness.
  • ERPs are well-researched markers and provide easy-to-interpret metrics that are invaluable to health practitioners interested in brain performance. Our platform features both auditory and visual ERPs.

The Power of RightEye Technology

Using advanced, eye-tracking technology, the RightEye system uncovers issues that an observation-only exam cannot. This advancement is game-changing — it’s now possible to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of cognitive problems, and improve athletic performance. All from a five-minute test.

RightEye uses advanced eye-tracking technology and scientifically verified protocols to give clients a deeper, clearer evaluation of their brain’s levels of activity. Our five-minute, non-invasive assessment uncovers eye movement patterns and functional vision issues that may be the result of neurological problems and helps care providers quantify changes. And it provides all of this data in an easy-to-read report.

The Dynamic Vision Assessment Module combines the existing Functional Vision and Brain Health Modules into a single streamlined assessment that makes it easier for technicians to identify eye movement impairments, illustrate a client’s unique profile, and ultimately help improve dynamic vision to maximize their everyday health and wellness. Simple visualizations and scores, along with the ability to track, compare, and show progress over time, make it easier to interpret test outcomes.

Functional vision is how well the eyes and brain work together to process what is seen, and is essential to quality of life. When eye health issues are left untreated, life’s most basic activities—such as driving, reading, having good balance and coordination, walking, and playing a sport—are negatively impacted and affect how well one navigates the world.

Through a series of quick, gamified tests, Functional Vision EyeQ is able to measure and analyze dynamic vision skills, including eye alignment, eye teaming, depth perception, object tracking, gross visual motor, and visual perception and integration. Once completed, the test generates easy-to-read and quantifiable reports that foster practitioner-client communication and understanding, as well as a customized home-based treatment plan. These reports are fantastic for evaluating progress.

Brainergy Support

Man receiving PEMF

PEMF to deliver focused energy to the brain and support focused brainwaves.

Woman receiving BrainTap

BrainTap to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enhance neuroplasticity.

Woman receiving Cold Laser treatment

Cold Laser to deliver photons to the areas of the head that showed low energy in your scans.

Brainergy RightEye report

RightEye brain training exercises to strengthen neuropathways.

Salmon, potatoes, and salad on a dinner plate

Food for Thought learn about foods that support brain health.

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The Naturally Unbridled Wellness team will coordinate the assessments and services.


Your ticket to improved brain health.

We believe that adding supplementation as part of your daily health routine is so important.

The right high-quality supplements can provide you with vital nutrients and cofactors to not only support and enhance your health now but protect it for years to come.

High potency omega-3s with added vitamins D3, K1 and K2.
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Supports brain health and mitochondrial function.
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Thinking Caps
Supports brain health, cognitive function, and memory.
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Is Brainergy for You?

The Brainergy system is not available for children under 12.

How Does It Work?

All Brainergy participants will start off the same and then the program will be tailored for your specific circumstances.

  1. Brainergy Intake and Metrics — complete an intake form and two written assessments before coming in for your first scans.
  2. Baseline Brainergy and RightEye scans
  3. Return for a report of findings and recommended course of action
  4. Food For Thought session to optimize brain nutrition
  5. Participate in Brainergy services and utilize specially formulated supplements (Brain Power and MindGames appointments)
  6. Re-scan and reassess
  7. Report and next steps

Everyone will start with the first 2 appointments which are packaged together. This service is only available for people aged 12 and older.

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Brainergy Services

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