Introducing Zyto ELITE.

Zyto technology has been used in our practice almost since inception.  We started with the most basic level software (Compass) and later upgraded to a more sophisticated program (Balance) and have always loved the technology.  As our practice has grown and expanded, the level of sophistication we have seen in client cases has ramped up too.  We see more and more clients with Lyme disease, auto-immune conditions, and the most complicated “nobody knows what’s wrong with me” cases.  To dig more deeply into these cases, we needed more sophisticated software.  Recently, we upgraded to the highest level technology that Zyto offers – skipping the middle steps.  We are now utilizing the Zyto Elite software which takes your consultations and wellness programs to a whole new level when it comes to customization.

Some of the benefits of the Zyto Elite include:

  • Specific energetic stressor scans (foods, chemicals, parasites, microbes, heavy metals, etc.).
  • Specific energetic remedy scanning (rather than just using one product line, I have multiple lines and products to choose from).
  • Dose scanning (exactly how many capsules, tablets, or drops you need for balance).

Here are some screenshots of some of various options in the Zyto Elite:

Zyto Elite Energetic Stressor Examples

Zyto Elite Scans Energetic Stressors, Balancers, and Dosing for Multiple Remedy Lines.

Zyto Elite Reports Summarize Your Wellness Program with Product Details and Dosing.

Your Zyto Elite Wellness Program is Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs.

The Zyto Elite is used during Naturopathic Consultations with Patti Bartsch, PhD.

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*The Zyto Elite does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any disease or condition.  It’s based on the bioenergetic signals in your energy field. Always consult a your healthcare provider when starting a wellness program.


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