Millions of people are addicted to sugar.  In the United States and other developed countries, it’s hard not to be.  Our food is injected, laced, and even dripping in high fructose corn syrup.  Why is this a problem?  Because sugar kills.

To be clear, sugar is a form of fuel for our bodies.  It is a simple carbohydrate that is easily used by our cells for energy.  Sugars, scientifically, are all similar in chemical structure and have names ending in “ose”; sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, etc.  When our cells have all of the fuel they need, we store the energy from sugar as fat.  The microorganisms that live on and in our body also utilize sugar as fuel.  This can become problematic when yeast (which thrive on sugar) become overpopulated in the body and increase the demand/desire for sugar in order to survive.  (See our article about sugar addiciton).

Sugar digestion and absorption begins in the mouth – before any other nutrient (protein, fat, etc.).  This means, as soon as you put sugar into your mouth it starts to enter the bloodstream.  As your blood sugar level rises, chemical reactions begin to occur signaling your pancreas to secrete insulin to help you to take the sugar out of your blood stream and put it into your cells.  Your cells begin to use the energy as do the yeast that live in your body.  Between your pancreas and the yeast, the sugar is quickly removed from the blood stream.  Cravings and irritability occur when too much sugar is used too quickly and your blood sugar drops to low levels.  As this process is repeated, the yeast population gets out of control and your pancreas gets fried and can no longer keep up with insulin production – hence diabetes.

To be healthy, our bodies need to be slightly alkaline.  Sugar causes the body to become more acidic.  Lots of sugar causes our bodies to become highly acidic and that leads to all kinds of problems.  When we become acidic, we are more prone to a wide variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other forms of disease and inflammation.   When we are slightly alkaline, our immune system functions optimally and is able to combat diseases, identify and destroy cancerous cells, and keep our body systems balanced.  Sugar feeds cancer.  Sugar feeds pain and inflammation.  Sugar feeds osteoporosis.  Sugar feeds disease.

Sugar addictions can be conquered.  Many people struggle simply because they only know how to eat from the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in sugar, fat, and salt.  Learning new strategies for healthy eating and restoring the healthy, alkaline state of the body is the first step in conquering disease and restoring health.

To help people to learn about how various nutrients affect your health along with strategies for implementing a health-promoting lifestyle, I’ve created a 26-week subscription program that not only teaches you about nutrition but it also goes into great detail about the connections between food and health.  To learn more about this no-risk program go to

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