Trying to establish health without doing a cleanse is like trying to vacuum with a full bag. – You go through the motions but it’s not very effective.

Going through the motions: I just had someone ask me about lowering cholesterol with diet and exercise.  For sure, diet and exercise are keys to any good health regimen but if you have been eating a not-so-healthy diet for a long time, trying to get healthy without doing a cleanse is like trying to vacuum your house when the bag is full.  You go through the motions but the results are minimal.

What is a “Cleanse”?  There are actually lots of different types of cleanses but two of the most popular are a colon cleanse and a liver cleanse.  A colon cleanse is designed to remove fecal material that has built up in the colon over a period of time.  Most people don’t think they have an issue with this because they have “regular” bowel movements.  However, if you talk with any abdominal surgeon, they will tell you that MOST people have residual, fermenting, tar-like crud, coating the walls of their colon. (I’ve seen the pictures.  You wouldn’t believe it.)  A good colon cleanse uses fiber, enzymes, and supporting ingredients like herbs and essential oils to “scrub” the colon clean.  One of the things your liver does is to remove toxins from your blood.  Over time, your liver can become overwhelmed with toxins and its ability to continue to function normally is impaired.  A liver cleanse works to detoxify the liver so it can resume proper function.

Why cleanse?  Both your colon and your liver are critical for detoxification.  If either (or both) is not functioning properly, toxins will accumulate in your blood and tissues.  In the presence of toxins, your cells cannot function properly and inflammation, auto-immune diseases, and cancer are just a few of the potential results.  Imagine if week after week you just reached inside your kitchen trash can and took out some of the waste.  Over time the situation would get worse and worse until you house reeked to the high heavens.  Microorganisms would flourish, and the effectiveness of your trash can would be significantly reduced.  But if, on a regular basis, you empty the trash entirely, harmony can be restored.

How to cleanse:  Be warned!  There are lots of unhealthy cleanses on the market.  They’re in your drugstore, super-store, and on TV infomercials.  I recommend that you work with a wellness professional to properly and safely complete a cleanse.  Bad cleanses can lead to some serious bathroom emergencies, severe abdominal cramping, acute toxicity from mobilizing too many toxins too quickly, and (at the risk of sounding like a drug commercial) even death.

How often to cleanse:  That’s an individual question and the answer will depend on your health history and diet but in general, twice per year is common.

Cleansing Options:  I offer a variety of programs including a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, and yeast cleanse.  For a mild, general cleansing program that guides you through elimination of foods that can lead to inflammation, low energy, brain-fog, and sub-optimal wellness, I offer a home-study program too.

Results: If you are looking to increase your energy, decrease pain and inflammation, lower your cholesterol, lose some weight, or generally improve your health, a cleanse may be just what you need.  Remember, if your vacuum cleaner bag is full, getting the house in order is a much more difficult task.

Here is a LINK to my Gentle Colon Cleansing Program:

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Here is a LINK to a recommended Home Study Cleansing Program:

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The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe for, or cure any disease or condition.  Consult your preferred healthcare provider when making health choices.

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