At first glance, the term “Naturally Unbridled” may bring thoughts of horses bucking and playing, or possibly mustangs galloping in a herd.  These are great images that represent, perhaps, the feeling of being Naturally Unbridled.  In this case, the term is used to represent the results obtained from the use of natural tips and strategies to help you to “release the reins” of whatever is holding you back from achieving your optimal life and health.

As a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach who specializes in Equestrian Women, I provide support and techniques to balance all areas of your life; body, mind, spirit and planet.  The articles you will read here will focus on healthy strategies for eating, healing, moving, acting, thinking, sleeping and living naturally.  You can expect to find a variety of topics from eating healthy foods in challenging situations (such as equestrian competitions); to the use of specific herbs, vitamins and foods to balance hormonal challenges.

A truly Naturally Unbridled life is one where all aspects of one’s life are in balance – most of the time.  It begins with nourishing your body so that every organ, tissue and cell can function properly.  While nutrition is vital to good health, it is not the end of the story.  As you know, if you simply fed your horse the best possible diet but you didn’t exercise him, or if he was stressed or abused, he would be far from the picture of health.  The same is true for you.  You must balance the health of your body, mind and spirit in order to live your optimal life.

Earlier, I added something to the phrase “body, mind and spirit”; I added “planet”.  I do this because it is my belief that we are not on the planet but of the planet and therefore, we must also take measures to ensure the health of the Earth.  If we are eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water and breathing contaminated air, it is that much harder for our bodies to be healthy.  For that reason, some of my articles may also include tips about how to make choices that are not only healthy for you, but also healthy for the Earth.

While many people may feel overwhelmed by a comprehensive, holistic health make-over, it is not a very difficult thing to do.  Start by observing your life.  What influences are affecting your life and health?  Are you eating food that contains chemicals such as artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and chemical preservatives?  Are you exposed to constant negativity through popular media?  Do you have people in your life who bring you down?  If this is the case, it affects more than your health and your day-to-day life; it affects your relationship with your horse and your performance in the saddle.  Start by making one choice every day that will bring you a little closer to optimal health.  Perhaps you choose a bottle of water over a diet soda.  Maybe you turn off the news and read a book about natural health tips.   Rather than spending time with a person who brings you down, spend more time with someone who makes you laugh, or better yet, spend some extra time with your horse.  When you start to ask yourself “Is this (food, person, experience) nourishing or toxic to my body, mind, spirit or planet?” it becomes very simple to make healthy choices. 

Welcome to the path to your Naturally Unbridled life!  Email me at: nu [at] NaturallyUnbridled [dot com] and let me know what one step you will take today to get further along today.  I look forward to supporting you along the way.


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