Longing for a walk on the beach?

If you’re like me, you have had more than enough of sub-zero temperatures and slippery roads. Maybe you stare out the window thinking about how cold all the animals are, and you’re longing for some sunshine and a long walk on the beach.

This time of year, with cold weather and dark days, many people are getting hit hard with the “winter blues”. While it would be great if we could all pack up and head to Hawaii for a few weeks, that might not be possible. What if we had a machine that could simulate the state of mind you get after a long walk on the beach? We have one! Read on…

Ever wonder why people feel so happy and relaxed after a walk on the beach? There’s science to it! The earth is surrounded by air, and the ionosphere, and it is a wonderfully resonant system. Any energy trapped within this earth-ionosphere cavity, like lightning storms, etc., will cause it to ring like a bell (resonate). This frequency was first calculated and detected by the German physicist Schumann in 1952, and it is now referred to as the Schumann Resonance. He mathematically predicted that the most predominant wave resonates around 7.8 Hz. The amazing fact is that this frequency is identical to the calm and relaxed spectrum of human brain waves – a state of peace that usually takes meditation or a walk on the beach to achieve. The Earth’s frequency of 7.8Hz can enhance growth, improve immune responses, and generally rebalance the human body. 

We have had so many clients tell us they are feeling the winter blues so strongly, that we decided to create a special appointment to help! How would you like to spend an hour at the frequency of 7.8 Hz? While you won’t leave with a tan, you will likely enjoy a state of calm relaxation, and contentment as if you had spent the day at the beach – for just $50!

7.8 Hz is the frequency of the Earth and a peaceful, happy state of mind.

Introducing: THE HAPPY ZAP! $50
FOR A LIMITED TIME: Spend an hour on our PEMF Pro beds at 7.8 Hz – the frequency of the Earth and the HAPPY brainwave state!

Come get some good vibrations! Book online or Call 608-799-8326. CALL TO BOOK WITH A FRIEND AT THE SAME TIME!

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