I’ve known Brenda Tobin, D.Vet.Hom. for over 30 years. We went to Animal Science school together. Throughout the years, our paths diverged only a little. I (at one time) was an Equine Nutritionist, she is a Canine Nutritionist. I became a Naturopath (for people), she became a homeopath (for animals). After Brenda helped me to resolve a respiratory issue with my horse, I offered her a virtual position on my team at Naturally Unbridled Wellness.

Although Brenda lives in South Carolina, she has clients all across the country. In fact, 90% of her clientele have never met her in person. Thankfully, between the telephone and videoconferences, and a lot of questions and answers, Brenda is able to choose homeopathic remedies that help animals to come back into balance so that their physical, mental, and emotional issues resolve along with their need for prescription medications.

I asked Brenda to sit down with me and walk me through the process of what it’s like to work with her so that people like you, who have animals you love, can learn more about the field of veterinary homeopathy and how she may be able to help your animals too.

We hope you enjoy the video!


Appointments may be scheduled online at https://naturallyunbridled.com/booking/ or by calling 608-799-8326.

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