Here’s a list of the Top 10 PEMF Secrets!

  1. PEMF = Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy – It’s an FDA recognized therapy that literally provides your cells with the energy they need for optimal function. NASA uses it!
  2. RESULTS = Clients consistently report: Less Pain, More Energy, Better Sleep, Clearer Thinking, and Improved Mood.
  3. EXPERIENCE = Super relaxing! Most people sleep through it! We show you an orientation video series during your first appointment, but after that it’s all relaxing music and  Zzzzzz’s!
  4. PERFORMANCE = PEMF is shown to improve cellular oxygenation, nutrient uptake, and improved circulation – all of which enhance athletic performance & recovery! Race horses use it all the time! Come Pulse before you hit the gym or run a race! That’s what I do! BOOM! Our PEMF devices are set to frequencies that resonate with the human body, the Earth, and happy brainwaves. They neutralize the detrimental effects of harmful EMF from 3G, 5G, WiFi, high tension wires, etc.
  5. DEVICES = We have 2 XL-PRO devices and an XX device. We can treat 4 people simultaneously. The PRO devices are more powerful and more precise than the XX which is still an amazing machine at a lower price point. We use the XX for “Chair” appointments and the PRO for “Bed” Appointments.

    XL-PRO for “Bed” appointments.

    Pulse XX for “Chair” Appointments

  6. KIDS = Once you’re born, you can start having PEMF! The great news is that we can Pulse a parent and a baby together in the same appointment for the same price! We have also Pulsed two little kids in the other chair! Family pulsing! 4 for the price of 2! (We have Netflix on the TV in the Pulse Rooms!)

    We can Pulse Your Family!

  7. ELDERLY = We love recharging our elderly clients! They love getting their cells energized so they can get up and down more easily – along with all the benefits from #2 above! There are thousands of research articles demonstrating the benefits of PEMF!
  8. INJURIES = We cannot say enough about the healing power of PEMF for injuries! We have seen broken bones heal in HALF the time!

    Any Part of Your Body!

  9. INTRODUCTION = ANYONE* can try our Introductory Offer! A 3-Pack of 1-Hour PRO (bed) Sessions for just $99 Whether you’re already a client here or never been here before, you can take advantage of this amazing price. You do not need to have a consultation prior to trying PEMF! We also have 1-hour XX (Chair) appointments for as low as $29!
  10. CONTINUATION = Once you’ve had a taste of PEMF, you will probably want to do it again (and again, and again!). We have LOTS of package options as well as appointments ranging from $29 to $99 per session. Come as often as you like! If you have a chronic condition, you may want to come a few times a week while you’re improving. Over time, you can spread the appointments out. Think of PEMF like and “electron massage” every time you do it, it’s beneficial – whether it’s once a day or once in your life! Our PEMF Technician will suggest a package that meets your needs!

*Please do not do PEMF while pregnant, bleeding heavily (menstrual), or if you have an implanted medical device with a battery (pacemaker, etc.). If you have questions about whether PEMF is right for you, please call 608-799-8326 or email danica at naturally unbridled dot com.

♦To learn more about PEMF, go to and watch the videos!



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