Think You Can Do This – It’s Not a Question!

Typically, I don’t like to focus on the negative but in this case, it’s the negative that’s the problem so please pardon this transgression.  We are immersed in a negative-thinking society.  The news is 90% (or more) negative; focusing on murder and other crimes, falls from grace, the downfall of the economy, wars, and doom & gloom.  Some of the most popular TV shows have at least one murder before the first commercial.  And the commercials are focused on making you feel like your life is not complete without their product.  Negative, negative, negative; it’s toxic.  But fear not, I have a remedy for you.

First, let’s think about why reading toxic headlines and watching toxic TV shows is bad for your holistic health.  Thoughts create a physical reaction in your body.  When you watch a scary movie, you secrete adrenalin and your heart pumps faster.  When you read about something depressing, scary, or disconcerting, your energy and your physiology respond in kind.  In addition, if you focus on negative things, intentionally or not, you draw more negative energy and experiences to your life.  Do you find yourself thinking things like “I’ll never be able to…”, “With my luck, I won’t…”, “I can’t achieve/afford/ experience…” 

If you think thoughts like that, you are not alone.  Our negative society has brainwashed us into a bunch of people who feel insecure and overwhelmed.  We are no longer in the days of Rosie the Riveter where the message to everyone was “We can do it!”  The messages we receive are things like “You can’t do it without this drug/car/snack/shoe/etc.”  It’s no wonder the prescription rate for antidepressants is off the charts!

Positive thoughts have a tremendous effect on your holistic health.  Healthcare providers, teachers, and coaches will tell you that a person’s outlook, attitude, or frame of mind will enable them to achieve things beyond their natural ability.  Have you ever purchased a lottery ticket?  Did you find yourself dreaming about what it would be like to have that level of financial freedom?  You think about helping a loved one or supporting your favorite animal shelter and you just feel good about it.  Even the thought of being able to help people and animals makes you feel better.  Just as the thought of war, crime, and a downturned economy can have you feeling desperate, hopeless, and overwhelmed.

Fear not… here’s a solution!  Start by reducing, as much as possible, the toxic TV that you watch.  I’m not saying not to watch TV (although that’s not a bad idea) but watch more things like PBS and the Discovery Channel or HGTV instead of watching Cops, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, or Criminal Minds.  When deciding to read a paper, watch a show, or participate in an event, ask yourself “is this nourishing or is this toxic?”  If it’s not nourishing, find something that is. Finally, catch yourself when you have a negative or self-deprecating thought like “I’ll never win” or “I’ll probably get disqualified” or even “I’m so fat”.  Negative thoughts are so toxic to you that you must do what you can to eliminate them.  If you have a negative thought, observe it, recognize it as negative, and rephrase it in the form of a positive affirmation.  Even if you don’t believe it, you will start to change your energy and create a more positive experience.

Think You Can Do This – It’s Not a Question

For example:  “I’ll probably go off-course” becomes “I always stay on course.”

“I never get the left lead” becomes “I always get the correct lead.”

“I’m so fat” becomes “I am getting closer to my ideal weight every day.”

“I’ll never get married” becomes “I am ready for the perfect spouse to enter my life.”

The most powerful words you can say are “I AM…”  Those are the words you are sending out to the universe and whatever you put after the words “I AM” should always be positive.  One of my mantras or daily affirmations is “I AM full of good ideas!”  Once I started saying that, it became more and more true.  People are constantly saying to me “that’s a good idea!” and I respond “I AM full of good ideas!”

Like Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Change your thoughts.  Change your life.”  Start by recognizing the negativity around you.  Just like second-hand smoke, it’s toxic.  Remove yourself and put yourself in the energy of happiness and success.

For more on positive thinking and holistic health, check out my 6 Weeks to Show Ring Success Home Study Course.

What’s your positive daily affirmation or mantra?  I’d love it if you’d share it here!

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