Today I spoke with a young woman (early 30s) who proceeded to list about 15 conditions that she deals with and 9 or so prescription drugs that she was taking.  I spoke with her for a while to try to get an idea of the order of events and I asked her what her initial issue was… depression.

Over ten years ago, the woman presented with depression and her doctor started medicating her for that.  She developed symptoms (side effects) related to the prescription drug and received another prescription to treat the new symptoms.  Then another new symptom would present as a side effect of the second drug and she would receive a prescription to treat that.  You can see where this is going.

Pills to treat the side effects of other pills. Where does it stop?

What started out as depression turned into: depression, seizures, migraines, vertigo, restless leg, and nausea – to name a few.  I asked her three times because I just wanted to make sure that I understood correctly and NONE of the other symptoms/conditions that she is currently being treated for existed before she started being treated for depression.  Each one occurred after the addition of a new prescription.

I asked the woman if anyone had talked to her about nutrition.  She said “no” and she said that she wondered about that because her blood tests showed low levels of vitamins D and B-12.  So they knew that she had some nutrient deficiencies but they did not make any nutritional recommendations.  And the kicker is – she still suffers from depression!

Depression comes in many shapes and sizes and there are some cases where nutrition is not enough but why wouldn’t you start there?  Start with a cleanse and add some probiotics and food-based nutritional supplements.  Check the hormone levels and consider a DHEA supplement.  What about diffusing Frankincense or Joy essential oils?  There are so many natural, nourishing, non-toxic, strategies for treating all kinds of conditions – strategies that won’t cause another imbalance and another symptom.

As I always say – There’s a time and a place for drugs and surgery but they may not be the best place to start.  You may qualify for a free consultation to talk about your specific wellness concerns.  Please enter your name and email address above.  Eventually, you will come to a form that you can complete to see if you qualify.  Take the first step to your Naturally Unbridled life!

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