As the celebrations die down, it’s time to set NUW Wellness Goals

A NUW Year Already?  As the sun sets on the past year and we look forward to our wellness goals for the new year, we often think about losing weight, getting fit, and quitting smoking.  How do you feel today compared to a year ago?  Have you improved the health of your body or are you feeling a little older and worn out?  Now that we have gotten through three consecutive months of candy/starch/alcohol-consuming holidays, a detoxifying cleanse for the start of the New Year is a great way to jump-start any wellness goal.

Why Cleanse?  Over the decades of our lives, out bodies accumulate toxins.  If you think of your body like a house, as toxins come in we can sometimes get rid of them and sometimes we just store them away.  Over time, our bodies become like the house of a hoarder with countless toxins (petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, “that new car smell”, etc.) tucked away in our cells and tissues creating an imbalance and a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms.

Start with making HEALTHY choices

How Will I Feel?  So maybe you’ve done a cleanse/detox in the past – or you know someone who has – and you had a headache, body aches, irritability, and bathroom emergencies.  THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!  When this happens it is because the pathways of elimination were clogged when you started mobilizing toxins out of the cells – so you detox and retox.  This is worse than not doing a cleanse at all.  You should feel better when you are eliminating toxins, not worse!  The cleanse that I use as the foundation for many of my wellness programs, The Opening Channels Program, has helped countless clients to improve their vitality, digestion, and wellbeing! Most people tell me that by using this program they feel energized, have lost a few pounds, have improved digestion,  less headaches and pain, and are sleeping better!

How Does Opening Channels Work?  The OCP is a very gentle herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional cleanse that gradually opens the body’s pathways of elimination – restoring the natural flow of the body’s detoxifying mechanisms.  There are supplements that are taken morning and evening and digestive enzymes to take at each meal.  The program comes with directions and a booklet on cleansing.

What is Included?  There are several products included in this comprehensive cleanse:

Opening Channels with Fields of Flowers

No meal replacements. Just eat the best you can and drink plenty of water while you’re on this gentle cleanse. Includes:

  • Fields of Flowers for emotional balancing (when we detox toxins, we detox emotions).
  • AminoGest – a high quality protein source for cellular repair
  • ReHydration – a homeopathic remedy to support cellular hydration and neurotransmitter balance (GABA & Serotonin).
  • SpectraMin – a concentrated, naturally occurring liquid ionic trace mineral supplement.
  • Colon Clear – a gentle herbal cleanser for the colon.
  • Pure Body Clear – herbal support for the decongestion of the liver, kidneys, lymph, and spleen.
  • Flora Synergy – a probiotic with prebiotic.
  • Catalyst 7 – a full spectrum of digestive enzymes with 7 digestive herbs.

Who Should Not Do This Cleanse?  Anyone who has an issue with loose bowels should not do this cleanse.  If you have sensitive digestion and are interested in cleansing, please contact us at Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC and we will put together a version of this program that is customized for sensitive digestive systems.  Anyone who has not consulted their preferred healthcare provider should not begin this program.

Questions:  The Opening Channels Program comes with directions and a booklet on cleansing. If you have questions about the Opening Channels Program, please contact us at or call 608-799-8326.

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