Jumpstart Your Health

Do you keep thinking that you need to make some changes to improve your life and health but you don’t know what to do?  Do you keep trying the same things but you don’t get the results you’re striving for?  Do you feel like you just need a little...

Health: Better Late than Never

Did you know that between 10% and 30% of the adult skeleton is replenished each year?  This means you have an entirely new skeleton every 3 to 10 years!  Red blood cells live for an average of 20 to120 days, so every 4 months you have an entirely new blood supply! ...

The Duct Tape Approach to Health

In a crisis, when something breaks, we often reach for duct tape to temporarily mend the problem.  Duct tape might hold things together, and things might seem perfectly fine on the surface but deep down, something is seriously wrong; something is still broken.  We...

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