Spring Weight Loss Strategies

Spring Weight Loss Strategies

Welcome to spring!  Horse show season is under way and bathing suit season is just around the corner.  A winter of holiday feasting and reduced activity may have left you with a few souvenir pounds to help you to remember last season.  I was recently asked if I think...

The Horse is Out of the Barn!

Why are we so focused on the “cure”? It’s commendable how people have banded together to find “the cure”.  I doubt there is anyone reading this who hasn’t somehow contributed to the fight to cure breast cancer or some other horrible disease.  But I find...

Setting Goals or Wishing Stars?

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’re there?   When working with coaching clients, I always ask them to set a goal for their sessions.  It’s important for both of us to know what to focus on; otherwise we’re just chatting. I’ve learned...

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