7 Virus Stompers

7 Virus Stompers

This time of year, it’s common for lots of people to “catch a cold”. We are seeing more clients coming into the office with sniffles and congestion and feeling pretty cruddy. Here are some tips that I use to prevent and squash viral infections. 1)  Vitamin A: This...

How Vaccines Make You Sick

Lots of people will tell you that they got the flu after getting the flu shot. Odds are, they did not get the flu from the flu shot but they caught the flu (or something else) because of the flu shot. Confused yet? Read on. These days, very few vaccines have viable...

5 Natural Ways to Fight a Cold or Flu

As people continue to live unhealthy lifestyles; eating processed foods, drinking lots of soda and coffee, and not getting enough rest, the more they are experiencing bouts with a cold or flu.  Here are some simple, natural ways to fight these pesky bugs! 1)  Alkalize...

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