Emotional and neurological imbalances are commonplace in today’s society. They don’t have to be. While all of these suggestions can be applied to the teen, adult, or senior brain, we had the developing brains of children in mind when we wrote this article. There are drug-free approaches to supporting a child who has not been able to achieve and sustain a state of emotional and cognitive balance. This article provides a simple breakdown of some options for parents and educators to consider.

Brainwave Balance – PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) provides cellular and brainwave support. While relaxing on the PEMF bed (watching Netflix or listening to music), the child’s brainwaves synchronize with the pulses from the device. Using this tool, we are able to retrain the brain to get out of a frantic/chaotic state and teach it to follow a pattern of balanced brainwaves from Delta (sleep) through Alpha and Theta (clear thinking, creativity, and meditation) and out of disruptive Beta brainwaves. Some children become so relaxed during these appointments they fall asleep.

Cold Laser Therapy – Erchonia Cold Lasers have 16 FDA clearances. Cold (as in non-heating) laser emits photons (light particles) at specific wavelengths and frequencies. These lasers can be used to balance the vagus nerve and the brain – two key components to emotional and cognitive function. Cold Laser cannot be felt any more than a flashlight beam can be felt, but unlike regular or LED light, cold laser can penetrate inches into the body. Cold Laser Therapy has also been studied for Autism.



DietThe Appleton Boys Study clearly indicates the benefits of a clean, whole-foods diet in eliminating undesirable behavior and enhancing desirable behavior. This study is FASCINATING!

Digestion – Many children with cognitive and behavioral issues will also report stomachaches, diarrhea, or constipation. The gut-brain connection is important in maintaining emotional balance and focus. Once the diet has been improved, supporting the child with probiotics may provide additional improvements.

Neurotransmitter Support – (Do not do this without the aid of a professional, as there are some contraindications and drug interactions) In order for the body to manufacture the neurotransmitters it needs to be in balance, a “pantry” of building blocks needs to be available. Providing the nutrients needed to assemble these molecules – or in some cases providing the actual molecules – can be beneficial.

Vision TherapyAcademy – Vision Therapy is used to develop or restore neural pathways in the brain to improve cognition and visual processing. Some behaviors may be adaptations to stress brought on by a congenital, developmental, or trauma-induced visual processing disorder.

Natural Learning Solutions – Brain Training is used to map and develop neural pathways to re-train the brain to perform tasks properly. These techniques can be used regardless of the origin of the processing disorder.

Holistic Detoxification & Restoration – With the guidance of a trained professional, we can prepare a child to release toxins that may have been stored from the environment, vaccinations, processed foods, and medications. Toxins often irritate the nerve causing something along the lines of a short-circuit. Once the toxins are removed and cells are repaired, the proper transmission is restored.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Laboratory Certified, full-spectrum CBD oil (from hemp) has been shown to calm and balance the nervous system. Please be sure to obtain your CBD products from companies that perform 3rd party laboratory analysis on EVERY BATCH. We have a full line of liquid, gel cap, and liposomal CBD products in a variety of doses in our office.

Sleep – As simple as it sounds, no brain works optimally without enough good quality sleep. There can be many causes of a sleep disturbance. Since the neurotransmitter serotonin is a precursor to melatonin (the sleep hormone) and many children (and adults) are deficient in serotonin, good sleep is not possible without support. Liposomal melatonin and or other natural remedies/supplements can often provide restful sleep. We have liquid, capsule, tincture, homeopathic, and chewable options in stock.

There are a countless nutritional, lifestyle, and therapeutic approaches to supporting an imbalanced brain. Many parents don’t feel comfortable giving their children medications and would prefer to address the underlying issues and restore balance. You have many options. These are just ten!

The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any disease or condition. Always consult a qualified medical professional when making wellness choices.


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