Finally! After getting the wheels in motion in JANUARY, we are pumped to be able to bring this to you!
Starting today, through August, ANYONE can purchase our SUMMER POWER PACKAGE and SAVE $200 on this amazing combo pack of appointments. You can learn more about the benefits of the various appointments in theĀ videos at the end of this post.
JUST $149

For just $149 you get THREE 1-Hour Pulse Pro PEMF sessions (even if you have already done our introductory 3-pack), plus one inhaled hydrogen, 1 turbo ozone, and 1 red/violet cold laser session.

Why do the Summer Power Pack?

  • We have spent the past two and a half years training and certifying our team to the highest level of PEMF training available and our skills and technology have expanded since then.
  • We have added red/violet cold laser which is FDA cleared for pain and inflammation as well as skin issues. Our laser is programmable so we are able to run specific settings to address countless wellness challenges.
  • We brought in inhaled hydrogen which is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Our clients are reporting fewer headaches (hydrogen crosses the blood-brain barrier), clearer thinking, less pain, more energy, better vision, and glowing skin.
  • Our most recent addition has been adding inhaled ozone (ozonides) which has thousands of research articles demonstrating the benefits for people with cancer, infections, and chronic diseases.
  • We feel that combining these four amazing services will bring results like we have never seen before and we are so excited to bring this opportunity to you!

The Fine Print

  • Limit 1 package per person.
  • The package must be purchased by August 31, 2020 BUT you can complete the sessions within the next 12 months.
  • Some appointments may happen simultaneously, but due to scheduling we may need to deliver some services back-to-back or on different days.
  • Contraindications for PEMF include: implanted medical device with a battery (like a pacemaker or cochlear implants – joint replacements and similar devices are fine), during a heavy menstrual period, or pregnancy.
  • Contraindications for ozone include: organ transplant, ozone allergy, or pregnancy.
  • Contraindications for hydrogen include: pregnancy.
  • There are no contraindications for cold laser.


  • We suggest purchasing your package online HERE
  • Then contact the office to get scheduled because it is difficult to schedule simultaneous or back to back appointments via our online scheduler.
  • You can call or text 608-799-8326 or email to get scheduled
What’s Awesome About PEMF?
What’s Awesome About Cold Laser?
What’s Awesome About Ozone?
What’s Awesome About Hydrogen?

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