Are You Living in the DIScomfort Zone?

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re completely conscious of your underwear?  You know, the elastic might be on its way out or the cut is just wrong and they’re ending up where they simply don’t belong.  You invent some kind of awkward gait to try to reposition them on the way to the car.  You adjust them every chance you get (after making sure no one is in eye-shot).  Try as you may, you cannot stop your attention from being redirected to your butt.  Constantly, throughout the day, you’re reminded about this cursed pair of underwear which are determined to remain your center of attention until that luxurious moment when you get home, promptly remove them and ceremoniously slam-dunk them into the trash!

Millions of people are walking around with proverbial wedgie ALL of the time.  Granted, their actual undergarments may not be the cause of their irritation but they are in a constant state of discomfort.  Discomfort with their job, discomfort with their mate, discomfort with their health, finances, car, relationships, weight, skin  – whatever – they are simply living in the DIScomfort Zone!

Now perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Discomfort Zone.  Undoubtedly you’ve heard of your comfort zone; that’s the area of familiarity that people tend to stay in due to fear of change.  That philosophy operates under the assumption that everyone is perfectly happy and content with how everything is in their life and afraid to try anything new.  My question on that is, “Do you know these people?”  Because I know a lot of people and I can tell you that the part about fearing change is true but the part about them being happy and content in their little circle of familiarity is way off base.  I know a lot of people who are quite uncomfortable with the space they’re in.  They may not have gotten to the point where they are forced to do anything about it but they are certainly living in their Discomfort Zone.

Your Horse is Probably in its Comfort Zone

Tons of people would do just about anything to find their comfort zone.  One of the first things I work on with coaching clients is finding the cause of the discomfort and creating and action plan to correct it.  Sometimes it’s a nutrition program, other times it’s some stress management strategies, or it might be something like time management or improved sleep.  Everyone has their own level of discomfort and some people are ready to take steps to get outside their Discomfort Zone.  The first step to comfort is to recognize which areas of your life are causing you stress.

 • Do you have enough energy to accomplish everything you want to?
 • Do you live with chronic pain or discomfort?
 • Is your digestion regular?
 • Do you fall asleep easily and awake feeling rested and refreshed?
 • Are your hormones in balance?
 • Are your relationships healthy?
 • Do you feel organized and focused?
 • Do you rely on prescriptions or alcohol to get through your day?
 • On a scale of 1-10, what is your average level of stress?
 • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your health?
 • On a scale, an actual scale, is your weight where you want it to be? 

You can’t have progress without change.  If you’re living in your Discomfort Zone, you are not living a Naturally Unbridled life.  Enter your name and email address at the top of the page to take a quick, 7-question quiz to see where in your life you’re Naturally Unbridled and where you’re being held back.  Once you get your instant results, you will be brought to my NU Client Intake form.   Complete the form to see if you qualify for a FREE, no obligation, holistic life & wellness consultation and say “Hello Comfort Zone!”

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