Starting on June 1st, you will find us in our NUW 1700 square foot holistic therapies center located at 1285 Rudy Street, Suite 104 in Onalaska. Take Main Street or County PH to Theater Road and then turn on Rudy Street. We are next to Style Encore.

The new location will give us the opportunity to finally add the SHAPE ReCLaimed nutrition and lifestyle program that I have wanted to bring in for over a year!

SHAPE ReClaimed is a food-based wellness program that utilizes a nanomolecular remedy designed to help reset your metabolism and reclaim the shape of your life, health, and body by reducing inflammation and shedding toxic weight! You can learn more about the program by going to www.shapereclaimed.com.

We will start everyone with a starter pack which will include a mix of 8 appointments and a bottle of the SHAPE remedy for just $399!

You can sign up for SHAPE ReClaimed now, or learn more at https://naturallyunbridled.com/shape/.


This is the “Secret Sauce” of our version of SHAPE ReClaimed! So many people struggle to stay on a wellness path because of subconscious thinking, self-sabotage, or lack of willpower. We are adding the benefits of ZYTO EVOX Perception ReShaping to our starter pack so you will be able to take your commitment to a NUW level!

Watch my YouTube video that explains EVOX and its benefits.

Morgan, our receptionist, has a degree in psychology and is enrolled in a program for mindful eating so she will be Patti’s primary support staff for the SHAPE ReClaimed program. She has already completed training in many aspects of the program, but we want to give her the opportunity to observe and practice some EVOX Perception ReShaping appointments so we are offering a FLASH SALE!


For a limited time, you will SAVE $20 on EVOX Perception ReShaping (Just $75 vs. $95) so that Morgan can observe and participate in lots of sessions before she is delivering this service on her own. Once she is proficient (and she is a FAST learner) we will stop the flash sale. So don’t wait! Click HERE to book now!

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