Just like a prism redirects and refracts light, there are geometric tools that can be used to balance the energy field. We amplify the effects of these tools by having you lay on a mat embedded with amethyst and accentuate the therapy with aromas (essential oils) and isochronic tones (sets brainwave patterns to calm), this comprehensive energy therapy provides multiple benefits. Clients report relief of stress from pain, inflammation, and emotions.

Here’s Frank’s story: Frank is a retired fire captain who has had 3 spinal surgeries and deals with chronic back pain that has limited his ability to take part in activities he enjoys – including golf. After his first session with Patti and her colleagues, he went golfing the next day and sent his wife the following text message: I’m sorry honey but I may have to kiss those nice ladies that worked on my back and hips last night. I’m playing like Jack freakin’ Nicklaus today. 2 birdies and a slew of pars. I feel great! Having a blast!!!! 😎😎👍👍” – Frank M.

These tools work on the energy of the human body and support energetic balance.

Katie’s story:  This was the first time Katie and her son experienced the therapy… My infant son, Miles, suffers from severe atopic dermatitis. We have been seeing Patti for this condition for the last 4 months. We went in one day for an appointment and Miles and I were able to experience the work of an energy coil. Or, what I like to call the “magic wand”! He relaxed and reached for the coils when bad energy was leaving his body. I watched my red faced child relax and cool off right before my very eyes. It’s something you have to try and experience for yourself! -Katie F.

Emily’s story: After Emily’s first experience with the therapy she said “The first thing I noticed was the feeling of overwhelm leaving my body. I felt energy buzz through my body and I was extremely relaxed.  The biggest thing is that I felt more connected to me.” – Emily D.

Prismatic Energy Balancing sessions with Patti Bartsch, PhD are relaxing and support the body in releasing the stress due to pain, inflammation, emotions, etc.  For the first 15 minutes of the session, energetic/prismatic rings, coils, and loops will be placed on or near the body and Patti will use different tools to redirect and balance your energy field. For the remaining 30 minutes, you will lay comfortably on the massage table with the tools, music, aromatherapy, and crystal mat supporting the process.  You remain clothed except for shoes and eyeglasses.  The energy balancing tools are also available by special order.

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