Prevention: The Best and Most Effective Cure

Breast cancer awareness month causes breast cancer

It’s getting to be the time of year when it appears the world is wearing pink-colored glasses.  We see pink sweatshirts, ties, pens, bags, hats, and even football uniforms.  Sadly, we even see pink buckets of fried chicken.  All these to focus on “The Cure”.  I used to be a cancer researcher.  When I started working for the pharmaceutical company, we were looking for a cure.  By the time I left, nearly eight years later, we had stopped looking for a cure and started looking for a drug that would keep your cancer from growing and spreading.  This way, the pharmaceutical company would gain a life-long customer.

What would be better than finding a cure?  How about reducing the incidence of the disease from ever occurring?  Wouldn’t that be great?  You’ve been led to believe it’s not possible, but it is.  How can you reduce your likelihood of ever getting a cancer diagnosis?  Make choices every day to support your wellness and not contribute to disease.

Here are Some Options to Consider

Digestion: The digestive system is the home-base of the immune system.  Making sure that your digestive system isn’t compromised is key.  Are you making enough stomach acid to breakdown your food into its component nutrients that your body will use to build your cells?  Are you taking digestive enzymes and probiotics?  Do you have leaky gut (gaps in your intestines that allow molecules to escape into your body cavity resulting in inflammation, food sensitivities, and auto-immune diseases)?  Are you constipated or having bathroom emergencies?

Nutrition: Food provides your body with the ingredients to build your cells.  It is critical part of any wellness program to be well-nourished so that your body can manufacture the various parts of you – right down to your DNA.  Avoiding “anti-nutrients” that cause your body harm such as any artificial color, flavor, preservative, or sweetener is also critical.  Your body has no use for FDC Yellow #5 and therefore it views it as a toxin to be excreted or stored.  Eating natural foods instead of highly-processed or fast foods is a step you can take every day to improve your state of wellness.

Avoiding Sugar: Did you know that cancer cells have significantly more sugar receptors than healthy cells?  They need that fuel to replicate so fast!  Eating sugar is like pouring gasoline on the cancer fire.  Sugar promotes inflammation, causes cell damage, and makes you fat.

Assess the Situation:  Holistic wellness practitioners can help you to determine your current state of health and will work with you to develop an action plan and strategies to help you to achieve your wellness goals.  Consider the following:

o   Thermography: Identifies inflammation and degeneration in the body.

o   Bioenergetic Assessment: Identifies blockages and inflammation in energetic pathways (meridians) of the body and which nutrients or remedies are energetically balancing for you. Naturally Unbridled Bioenergetic Assessment

o   Thyroid Testing: Low thyroid function allows for more infections – which leads to more inflammation – which leads to more cancer.  Here is a link that has a test you can do at home to see if your thyroid is functioning properly.
Signs Your Thyroid Might be on the Fritz – Even if You’re On Medication

Of course there are countless other steps you can take to help you to achieve your optimal state of health.  These are great places to start!

Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D. is a Traditional Naturopath and Bioenergetic Practitioner at Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC in Onalaska.  Get in touch for more information about how she supports her clients utilizing natural methods to achieve their wellness goals.

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