What will the path to your wellness goal look like?

When clients meet with me to discuss their wellness goals, they obviously would like an idea about what they are looking at as far as time, results, and financial commitment.  Every client’s program is customized specifically for you, your wellness goals, and your budget.  Whether you just want a remedy to increase your libido or you are looking to recover from an auto-immune disease, I am happy to join you on your wellness path and point out some options to you.  You are always in power and making the driving decisions.  I’m just a tour guide; educating you about your options.*  With that being said, I thought I would outline some of the options my clients have to choose from.

Initial Consultation: $45 (regular price $75) Let’s discuss your situation.  How long have you been dealing with this?  What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Tell me about what you eat and drink.  How are you sleeping?  How are you feeling emotionally?  Are you properly digesting your food?  What are you hoping to accomplish by working with me?  This consultation also includes a complimentary 76-Point Zyto Compass Scan.  Approximately 1 hour.

Some wellness plans may have a lot of capsules.

Opening Channels Program $387 (this program may be customized based on your digestive system and the price may vary accordingly) includes Fields of Flowers for emotional support.  A gentle, month-long, detoxification and cleansing program.  I use this program as a foundation for most wellness plans.  I have found that people make better progress and move more quickly toward their wellness goals if we work to remove toxins from the body and open the pathways of elimination so that not only can the body more effectively remove toxins, but it can better utilize nutrients.  There are no “bathroom emergencies” or negative effects from this type of program.  Most people report feeling energized, sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and having less pain within the first week of being on the program.

by Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D.

7 Steps to a Naturally Unbridled Life:  $19.97  I wrote this book to introduce people to seven areas of holistic health: Eating, Healing, Moving, Acting, Thinking, and Living naturally.   It’s a fun and easy book to read with sections at the end of each chapter to help you to implement the strategies you learned.  It helps to answer the question I hear most… “What should I eat?”

Dietary Analysis: $79  Most people tell me that they “eat pretty healthy” but when I probe a little further for specifics I find that they are eating a lot of simple carbohydrates, processed or microwaved foods, and very few fresh vegetables.  The dietary analysis involves you keeping track of everything you eat and drink for a week along with recording how you feel physically and emotionally.  Once this is done, we will sit down together, take a look at your journal, and talk about food substitutions and other practices to improve your holistic health.

Quantum Biofeedback Device

Quantum Biofeedback Therapy: $90  This is a favorite of many clients and there are some clients who choose this therapy as the only service from the “menu”.   Quantum Biofeedback Therapy works on the level of electrons and energetic frequencies.  The device calibrates to your energy field and then measures approximately 12,000 energetic frequencies and looks for imbalances.  When an energetic imbalance is detected (like the frequency of inflammation and other physical/emotional stressors), a corrective frequency is sent to you via electrodes.  This therapy is relaxing and most people sleep through it.  The appointment is 2 hours and includes 90-minutes connected to the device and time for us to chat before and after your session.  Please see our Testimonials page.

Avatar BioEnergetic Assessment

Avatar Electrodermal Screening $75  Also known as a BioEnergetic Assessment, an Avatar scan taps into your acupuncture meridians (energetic pathways) on your hands and feet, using a blunt electrode and looks for energy flow through the organs and tissues.  It can then help to identify which holistic products (homeopathics, herbs, nutritionals, etc.) can help to bring those imbalances back to their proper flow.  The appointment is two hours and includes the scan, data analysis, and the development of a customized program based on your scan results and your wellness goals.

Bacteria-Chord and other remedies in stock.

Symptom Support:  Some clients simply want some natural solutions to their symptoms and they need some help identifying which products will do that for them.  You can schedule a half-hour appointment ($45) to discuss your needs and learn about your options.  You can also purchase products without an appointment whenever you like.  Simply call to make sure we have it in stock.  We are always happy to special order products for you (prepayment required).

Long Term:  Every client is a snowflake and your needs will vary.  Clients with chronic conditions should expect to cycle through biofeedback and Avatar scans over a period of several months to gently peel back the layers of the “onion” to eliminate the underlying causes and return the body to balance.  It is always your choice which therapies, scans, and products you want to include or exclude from your wellness program.

Acute:  If you have an acute condition (like a bladder infection, flu, burn, etc.) occur, you do not have to wait for an appointment (4-6 weeks is typical).  Please call the office and we can put together a selection of remedies for you and you can come in and pick them up.

WaveFront 3000 Homeopathic Imprinter

Customized Homeopathics:   Using a biological sample (tears, saliva, etc.) we can amplify the effect of your homeopathic remedy utilizing our WaveFront 3000 homeopathic reader/writer.  Once you have experienced these “Turbo Charged” remedies, you won’t want an off-the-shelf product again!

Remedies & Supplements:  We offer a comprehensive line of homeopathic, herbal, nutritional, hormonal, and essential oil remedies.  Please call for pricing and availability.

What’s best for you?  The best option for you is always to become educated about your options, ask questions, and go with your gut.  There is never any “pressure” for you to purchase a product, program, or service.  It is our job to educate you about your options, make recommendations based on our expertise and experience, and support you in your choices.  You are in charge.  How can we help?

*Patti Bartsch, Ph.D. is not a licensed medical professional, but a wellness expert.  Always consult your preferred healthcare provider when making wellness choices.

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