One question that I’m frequently asked is “Should I do a cleanse?” We are all accumulating toxins from our environment.  From the stinky truck you get behind on the highway, walking through the perfume displays at your local department store, the chemicals added to drinking water – and lots of other exposures, it can be beneficial to do a detoxifying cleanse to support your body.

Why THIS program? Some “detox” programs are harmful because they mobilize toxins without giving them passage out of the body.  The Opening Channels Program, the foundational cleanse that I use for many of clients’ wellness plans, gently, naturally, and effectively opens the body’s pathways of elimination to allow passage of toxins out of the body.

Who should do this cleanse?  I like to see clients start with this program before we start to dig deeper into what some of the underlying causes of their dis-ease might be.  I also like women who are planning to get pregnant to do this cleanse before they get pregnant.  Anyone who is looking to give their body some additional support may consider doing this (or a modified version of) Opening Channels Program.

Opening Channels with Fields of Flowers – a GREAT detox/cleanse

  • Fields of Flowers for emotional balancing (when we detox toxins, we detox emotions).
  • AminoGest – a high quality protein source for cellular repair.
  • ReHydration – a homeopathic remedy to support cellular hydration.
  • SpectraMin – a concentrated, naturally occurring liquid ionic trace mineral supplement.
  • Colon Clear – a gentle herbal cleanser for the colon.
  • Pure Body Clear – herbal support for the decongestion of the liver, kidneys, lymph, and spleen.
  • Flora Synergy – a probiotic with prebiotic.
  • Catalyst 7 – a full spectrum of digestive enzymes with 7 digestive herbs.

Who Should NOT Do This Cleanse?  Anyone who has an issue with loose bowels should not do this entire cleanse.  If you have sensitive digestion and are interested in cleansing, please contact us at Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC and we will put together a modified version of this program that is customized for sensitive digestive systems.  People with turbo-digestion may still benefit from a cleanse, but the “Colon Clear” product should be replaced with something soothing to the digestive tract.  Anyone who is pregnant or lactating should not do a cleanse during that time.

What can you expect? Most people report feeling an increase in energy within the first week of the program.  It is common to experience an increase in volume of bowel movements or an extra bowel movement per day.  You should not have any “bathroom emergencies”, nor should you feel constipated.  If you should experience either of these issues, contact Patti right away so she can make some simple modifications to your program.  Even if you don’t notice any changes, rest assured that your body is gently detoxifying.  Some of your products will finish before the others but continue taking everything until gone.

Pay attention to:

  • Bowel movements: frequency, volume, texture, odor, worms (sorry), mucous, gas
  • Urine: frequency, color, clarity
  • Tongue: coating
  • Energy level
  • Moods

Some people use a cleanse as a boost to their ongoing wellness program.  Others use is as a foundation to a comprehensive program that will dig deeper into what some of the underlying causes to your symptoms or dis-ease may be.  It’s up to you.  Whatever you decide, we’re happy to help.

 Download a booklet on the Opening Channels Program HERE.  Opening Channels Booklet

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