As part of our comprehensive holistic therapies center, we are excited to offer Zone Therapy and Massage Therapy with Amanda Kriemelmeyer, LMT.

Zone therapy addresses the body through the feet.

ZONE THERAPY is precise, directed pressure to the various “zones” of the feet. The Zone Therapy practitioner observes the foot and interprets the “messages’ it conveys through discoloration, texture and tenderness.

When a signal point is triggered within a certain zone, a message goes to the tissue or organ effected, through a reflex arc to the spinal cord and then to the brain. Discomfort is experienced in the areas of imbalance–areas where healing is needed.

Zone Therapy stimulates every organ and renews the cell system in each treatment. Zone Therapy is a holistic approach which recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up a complex and interactive organism.

Zone Balance does take time. It works with the body’s own innate intelligence, and only allows the body to do what it can when it can.

It is extremely important that your Zone Therapy treatment be administered by a Certified Zone Therapist. Much more occurs during a session than meets your eye or awareness, and practitioner experience is essential to achieving the full physical, mental and emotional benefit.

The initial Zone Therapy appointment is 90 minutes and includes an intake, consultation, and treatment.  Subsequent appointments will consist of one hour treatment sessions.

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Restore mind, body, and spirit with a therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy or Reiki.

MASSAGE THERAPY – Choose the length of appointment that works best for you.  Amanda will accentuate her Swedish massage  with some deep tissue, myofascial release, energy balancing and craniosacral techniques. She is also trained in prenatal massage to support pregnant women through the physical challenges of pregnancy.

Amanda has over 17 yrs. experience since her training at Crystal Mountain Apprenticeship in the healing arts in Albuquerque, NM.
She has a family background in holistic medicine and healing arts. She trained in Zone Therapy at Institute of Dynamic Integrative Therapies in 2006.  Amanda loves connecting and working with people on their path to wellness and in becoming their best selves. Amanda states “I am at my best when I’m in service to others.”
Amanda enjoys spending time in nature hiking, canoeing, camping, gardening with her kids, family and friends.
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