Common obstacles to weight loss include: Hormonal imbalances, digestive imbalances, medications, stress, emotional eating, and frequently, it’s just a matter of not knowing what to eat or how to prepare or select healthy food options.  Let us help!

The NUW YOU! Weight Loss Program is holistically based in that it doesn’t focus on calorie counting, pre-packaged/processed foods, or liquid diets.  The NUW YOU! program focuses on YOU, body-mind-spirit, and what you need to achieve your weight and wellness goals.  Each program is customized for your life and your reality.  We assess your current condition, set goals with you, develop an action plan, monitor your progress, and strategize with you if you hit a roadblock.

After your initial consultation, you may decide that a weight loss program is part of your path to your wellness goals.  Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC has a Holistic Registered Dietitian on staff to support you in adopting lifestyle changes – body, mind, and spirit – to naturally and effectively achieve and maintain your goal weight.

Focus on HEALTHY Choices

The NUW YOU! program includes:

  • Dietary Analysis: Learn where your wellness saboteurs lie and discover delicious replacement foods and lifestyle strategies to deal with issues like emotional eating.
  • Systems Survey: Many people experience challenges attaining their goal weight due to imbalances in digestion, hormones, sugar handling, stress levels, and other factors.  The Systems Survey analyzes your body systems and prioritizes where the most significant challenges may be.  A customized program is developed based on the results of your systems survey.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Utilizing an assessment device, we will track your body weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, resting metabolism, body age, and visceral fat level.  Throughout the 12-week program, you will be able to monitor your progress in these areas.
  • Hydration Assessment: Your body is 70-80% water.  Hydration is critical for weight loss as it helps the body to wash away cellular waste and transport water soluble nutrients.
  • Goal Setting: Kim will help you to set specific and attainable goals for your NUW YOU! program.
  • Action Plan: Once your goals are set, Kim will work with you to develop an action plan to help you to accomplish your goals.
  • 10 Sessions with Kim Hottenstein, R.D.: Throughout the program, Kim will work with you, monitor your progress, help you to overcome obstacles and roadblocks and cheer you on as each milestone is reached.
  • Additional assessments, screenings, and bonuses: On an individual basis, specific assessments may be included at no additional charge.  Participants will also receive some bonus gifts to support you in achieving a healthier, happier NUW YOU!

Introductory Offer: $299 – SPACE IS LIMITED

 Please call the office at 608-799-8326 to get started!

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