If you are tired of cookie-cutter programs that treat everyone like they all have the same metabolism, this is for you. If you dread weigh-ins and feeling judged, this is for you. If you KNOW what you need to do but you have trouble implementing a plan, this is for you. If you want to work with an expert who has been supporting clients in a holistic approach to health and wellness for over 20 years, the NUW Metabolic Success System is exactly what you need.

The NUW Metabolic Success System takes the fundamentals of weight loss and metabolism and customizes them specifically to your needs and challenges. This 90-day program includes 4 in-office consultations,  email support, and 3 BrainTap sessions to address the subconscious self-sabotage and mindset around healthy living.

How does it work?

NUW Metabolic Success System

Looking ahead over the next 90 days, where do you see your metabolism headed? Are you looking at a chain of social events where healthy choices may be absent or difficult? Is stress-eating going to be a problem? What if you had a customized, strategic plan for success so that you could get through the next 90 days without making matters worse? Maybe you have a wedding or reunion coming up. Maybe you are looking at a series of holidays, fests, or parties.

Shari Mitteco has been helping people to optimize their weight and metabolism for decades. She’s gifted at identifying where you need the most support and creating a strategic plan that works for you. No counting calories or macros. No starving. No shakes. And most importantly… NO JUDGEMENT!

This is the first of 4 appointments designed for a 90-day program. You will meet with Shari either in person or via Zoom in a countdown pattern at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and at the finish line. Start here.

1st Session: Setting the Stage for Metabolic Success

• Complete a Metabolic Assessment and receive an individualized metabolic ignition plan
• Discover fat metabolism strategies
• Develop your personalized meal and movement plan
• Master meal prepping
• Incinerate Inches (starting measurements, no weighing)

2nd Session: Maximize Metabolic Momentum

• Celebrate wins from the month 

• Develop mindfulness & self-care strategies
• Solve any challenges that came up

• Review your food journal and strategize

• Level up your metabolic action plan
• Document progress – no weighing

3rd Session: Metabolic Success Strategies

• Develop habits for long-term success strategies
• Celebrate wins from the month
• Solve any challenges that came up
• Review food journal & develop strategies
• Make recommendations moving forward
• Document progress

4th Session – Metabolic Master Plan

• Celebrate your successes
• Solve any challenges that came up
• Review the food journal and strategize
• Document progress
• Develop your individual long-term plan to continue a healthy lifestyle for ongoing success

Plus SOMETHING SPECIAL to be revealed upon completion of the program!

Along the way… If you feel like you need additional support between scheduled sessions, “Strategy Boost” sessions are available. Plus, as part of the NUW Metabolic Success System, you receive 3 BrainTap sessions which will focus on subconscious self-sabotage, body image, will-power, and confidence. You will work with Shari to identify which recordings align best with your specific needs and challenges.

The NUW Metabolic Success System is designed to be customized, focused, managable, and most importantly… effective. Sign up today and get started.

This package must be used within 120 days of starting. Any recommended supplements are optional and not included in the price of the program.

About Shari Mitteco:

Shari Mitteco has had a passion for wellness since the age of 14 when she started taking aerobics classes. The physical and emotional benefits were life-changing. She was hooked and became a lifelong learner about exercise, wellness, and nutrition.

After starting her career in the biotechnology field Shari developed an interest in holistic wellness. Although biotech work was interesting to Shari, her desire to support people in preventative measures prevailed over the quest for pharmaceutical treatments. With her enthusiasm for fitness and her interest in nutrition she earned her certification in personal training and weight management in 2001 and started personal training full-time shortly thereafter. For many years Shari owned and operated a fitness center in Colorado.

In 2006 she added a life and health coaching certification so she could support her clients in behavioral and lifestyle changes for long-term results with their wellness goals.

She created the Diet Terminator program in 2009 after helping so many clients (herself included) overcome the detriments of yo-yo dieting and reach long standing success with their weight and healthy habits.

Originally from Minneapolis with a spouse from the Coulee Region, Shari moved to the area from Colorado in the fall of 2019 so she could be closer to family. Shari’s expertise as a health coach, weight management consultant, and fitness professional make her a top asset to Naturally Unbridled Wellness clients as a Certified Health Coach and Weight Management Consultant.

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