Is it time for you?

Take this simple quiz to see if you should be thinking about a NUtrition Makeover

  1. Is most of the food you eat some shade of beige, tan, or white? (pasta, bread, potatoes, cheese, fried food, etc.)
  2. Do you drink soda, diet soda, energy drinks, or fruit juice once per week or more?
  3. Do you eat animal protein (meat, cheese, fish, eggs) at nearly every meal?
  4. Do you struggle with having enough energy to accomplish what you need to?
  5. Do you poop 1-3 times every day?
  6. Do you feel shaky, irritable, or confused if you wait too long to eat?
  7. Do you feel gassy or bloated after you eat?
  8. Are you having trouble getting to/staying at your ideal weight?
  9. Does most of your food come from a box, can, or restaurant?
  10. Are you challenged by fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, aches & pains, disease, or sub-par health?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, except for #5, you might be a good candidate for a NUtrition Makeover.  If you answered “No” to #5, we need to talk.

Is most of your food some shade of beige?

What’s a Nutrition Makeover?  It’s NOT A DIET!  It’s an affordable program I developed to set you on the path to a better life & health through nutrition.  I’ve found that many people get excited about starting a “diet” or “weight loss” program or to do a cleanse.  When they get started in the program they come across an unanticipated challenge, they have nowhere to turn for help, and they get stuck.

I don’t want that to happen to you!  I’ve designed my NUtrition Makeover program to guide you through not only the initial consultation but also for 6 weeks after.  That way, once we develop your customized action plan, I’ll be there to help you to implement it and to make adjustments along the way.

I’ve always said that “nutrition is the foundation to health” and if you build a strong foundation, the rest of the structure is more stable when storms or challenges come your way.

This program is NOT for everyone!  If you are the type of person who just purchases a program so you can tell people that you’re “on a diet” or “working with a coach” but you don’t really want to make changes, do not sign up for this program.  I want to work with people who are ready and willing to make changes but they need a little help with the “able” part of the equation!

Herxing can be a roadblock on the path to your wellness goals.

Who is a good candidate?  You are… IF

  • You have trouble getting to your ideal weight
  • You don’t have enough energy
  • You are concerned about developing a health condition
  • You suffer from headaches or body aches
  • You don’t like how you look
  • You don’t like how you feel
  • You’re struggling with anxiety or depression
  • Your physical condition is preventing you from participating in certain activities
  • Cancer, heart disease, or diabetes runs in your family
  • You have a child on the autism spectrum
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You want to eat better, get better, look better, feel better, and live better!

How do you get started?  Simply click the link to REGISTER and I will immediately send you the tools you need to get started including your BONUS Victory Pass Recipe Guide & E-Cookbook, a food journal template, and a NU Client intake form.  You will also receive a 50% off coupon for my “Eat Like a Horse” holistic nutrition subscription program to take your NUtrition Makeover to the next level.

I am ready to work with you  if you’re ready for your Makeover! Let’s get started now!

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