Is there a kiddo in your life who is struggling with bedwetting? We have helped lots of kids to eliminate this problem using non-drug therapies – often with improvements the first night!

Bedwetting is a common problem and we have seen great results with our programs! A few years ago, I was asking a client about her sleep and she told me that she had to set an alarm every 2 hours to get her daughter up to use the bathroom because she was wetting the bed multiple times a night. This is a problem for both of them as good sleep is fundamental to good health. I knew that in order for my client to achieve her wellness goals, we had to resolve her daughter’s bedwetting issue.

We set up her daughter with a protocol including PEMFcold laser, and homeopathy, and, as is typical, we saw improvement on the first night! Most kids need somewhere between 5 and 10 sessions for complete resolution. Same household family members can share PEMF packages after the Intro Package is completed.

Get Started: Everyone starts with our intro package which is 3, 1-hour Pro PEMF sessions for $99 with additional laser sessions for $15 each (approximately 10 to 15 minutes). The remedies are $30 or $31 each.

Here’s a video that outlines our protocol.

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