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When I tell people that my mother is a psychic medium, a channel, their responses vary greatly.  Many people immediately ask for her number.  Others ask what it was like growing up with a psychic mother (she actually didn’t tap into her gift until I was grown).  And then there are the people who think the whole idea is either crazy or evil.I need to start off with the crazy/evil idea.  I’ll give you a little on the “crazy” part as it is hard to comprehend that people can communicate with those who have crossed over but the “evil” part is absurd.

At the beginning of every reading, my mother says a prayer of protection and calls upon your angels, ancestors, loved ones, and spirit guides to bring you messages that are only for your highest good.  Her messages are not scary or full of threats and fear.  They are messages of love, support, and guidance and they often include tears of joy.

Lorraine Smith psychic medium, channel

Lorraine’s readings are pleasant and comforting

I have had the privilege of helping my mother at several of her in-home reading parties where people came to my home, or we went to theirs, and they all have their turn getting a reading from my mother.  Through this experience, I have seen countless people receive comfort, peace, and confirmation that their loved ones are still nearby and with them.  The peace this brings them can only be seen as a gift.  There is nothing – NOTHING – evil about this.  It is a blessing.

It’s intriguing to watch my mother give a reading.  If you have ever seen video of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham (of Law of Attraction fame), it is not dissimilar to that.  Whether in person or over the phone, my mother goes through the same steps.  She says some prayers, goes into a meditation, prays for protection, calls in your angels, ancestors, loved ones, and guides, and begins the reading.  She usually records the readings because she goes so fast; there is no way you could write everything down.  She will usually deliver a litany of messages asking occasionally “Do you understand?”  Then there is time for questions.  It is fun, amazing, and certainly reassuring.

The Real Deal: Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who claim to be psychic who do not work in the light.  They often have roadside, walk-in businesses where you come in and they fill you with fear by telling you things like “There is a woman close to you who talks about you behind your back.”  WALK OUT!  The best way to find a good psychic is through word of mouth.  I am telling you both through personal experience, and through the testimony of others, that my mother, Lorraine Smith is the real deal.

Learn More: If you are interested in learning more about what she does, or scheduling a reading with her, please visit her website: and if you have a reading, please come back to this blog page and leave a comment about your experience.

Oh, and I should clarify… she talks to live people too.  😉

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