MRT: Meridian Response Testing

As an alternative to muscle testing, your practitioner will use a blunt probe connected to a bioenergetic assessment device, to assess the energy flow through acupuncture meridians to identify energetic stressors such as foods, chemicals, pathogens, toxins, emotions, etc. Once stressors are identified, we will energetically test for balancing remedies and supplements to provide you with a customized wellness program.

There are three appointment options:

  • 30-Minute Quick Check – For clients who have already been doing Nutrition Response Testing and are looking for a next step. ($45)
  • 60-Minute Deep Check – For clients who have more complex cases and need more testing than the quick check. ($75)
  • 90-Minute Comprehensive Scan – For clients who are just getting started with us. ($95)

Here’s what clients are saying:

I am very pleased with the appointment I had yesterday with Selena Miller and I have a whole protocol from her of stuff to follow this month! Selena was very warm and easy to work with, and I am very happy with her help and guidance! I look forward to following up next month and moving forward on my health journey! The office was lovely and inviting and I am so grateful to have found Naturally Unbridled Wellness! Thank you!!

My appointment with Selena Miller was simply more than I ever expected! I found the time she spent assessing, testing, listening, explaining and then making a tailored plan to be of tremendous help for the symptoms I am experiencing. It is my plan to do everything as she recommended as it simply makes so much sense. I left with a great confidence in choosing this option, especially since it was my first experience with a traditional naturopath! Your office staff was warm and inviting and the energy is very conducive to health and healing. I am looking forward to my next visit, following the plan, and full restoration to health and wellbeing. So on a scale of 1-10, I definitely give your shop and practitioner a 20!

Appointments may be scheduled via or by calling 608-799-8326.

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