Years ago, I thought that I should investigate juicing.  I didn’t want to buy a juicer until I had tried it.  After mentioning this to a friend, he told me that he had a juicer and that I could borrow it to see if I liked it.  Perfect!  He brought over the juicer and I went to the market and bought a bunch of produce to juice.  He mentioned that this was a pretty inexpensive juicer and it was kind of a pain to clean but I was up to the challenge.  I can’t remember what I bought to juice but what I clearly remember is that it made a huge mess, didn’t make very much juice for the amount of food that went into it, and it was horrible to clean.  I also remember the juice tasting like liquid salad and I threw most of it out.  What a waste!  That was the end of my juicing experience.  So I thought.

Last summer my husband and I went to a Natural Health Expo and got to try Wheatgrass Juice.  Amazing!  We could not believe how fresh and sweet it was and we bought a wheatgrass juicer on the spot.  It’s still in the box because we never got around to growing wheatgrass.

Earlier this year, my friend brought her Angel Juicer to the Natural Health & Wellness Club that we run together.  I was blown away by how delicious carrot juice is!  So sweet!  We juiced an array of fruits and vegetables and some herbs too.  I was impressed with how efficient the Angel Juicer was at extracting the juice from the plants.  It truly seemed that all that remained were cell walls in one dish and a lot of juice in another.  We experimented with different combinations and learned that apples make everything better (since some of the green veggies are bitter) and that a little ginger goes a long way!  That was it – I was sold!  I needed to get one of these juicers.  Wait a minute?  What?  $970.00!!!  Bummer.  That will have to wait.

Along comes eBay to save the day!  I found an Angel Juicer on eBay for $250!  OK, so all the writing on it is in Korean but it seems that green means “go” and red means “stop” in Korean too.  I think we’ll be OK.

My husband is totally addicted to juicing.  He even brought the juicer to a friend’s last weekend to juice with her.  While there, they juiced carrots (among other things) and used all the carrot fiber to make a carrot cake.  He’s decided that we could use it to make pesto and just combine both parts back together – good idea!  I poured us each a glass of wine with dinner last night and my husband opted to fire up the juicer instead.  The Angel Juicer is so easy to use and clean that you really can juice up a beverage in no time and it cleans up just as fast.

I understand the value of juicing; phytonutrients, enzymes, etc.  I realize that when you juice plants, the nutrients are quickly and readily absorbed.  I always knew it would be healthy for me.  What I didn’t know is that it would taste so amazing.  What I also didn’t realize was how incredible my skin would feel the next day.  I can’t get over it.  It’s like my skin cells had been starving and now they have finally been fed.  This is a very welcome, yet unanticipated benefit of juicing!  Rub your finger across your monitor.  Do you feel how smooth that is?  That’s how smooth my skin is!

So the Angel Juicer has earned an esteemed place in the collection of Bartsch appliances.  We’ll see if it stays on top now that my Vitamix arrived today!  Now, go make yourself a nice smoothie!

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