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The videos posted below are in reverse chronological order and as new videos become available they will be added to this page. The information in these videos is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or prescribe for any disease or condition.

^Everyone Should Know What Happened to My Dad!^
^Please Review This Necessary Policy Change^
^Science is no Prince Charming^
^If they don’t like the data, they change the parameters^
^What Happens After the “STING” and What You Can Do About It^
^Story Time! What happens when someone gets “stung?” ^
^”Safe” Does Not Mean “Harmless” ^
Have We Opened Pandora’s Box? ^
Pandora’s Box – Part 2 – The Testing Dilemma ^
A Lesson in Molecular Biology ^
It’s Not An Option – It’s An OBLIGATION! ^
^What to Expect This Fall^
^Important Information for Pregnant Women ^
^Important Information for Employees ^
^If You Are Keeping Score in the “Risks” Category, You’ll Like This – Or Not… ^
^Important Information on the Pros and Cons of the Immune System^
^Instructions on How You Can Access the Data That They Don’t Want You to See^
^Everything You Need to Know About Antibodies^
^How The Headlines Impact Your Health – And What They COULD Be Saying^
^They Couldn’t Approve THIS Because It Would Block Their “Authorization”^ (and a bad hair day! )
^As Predicted…^
^When People of Influence Are UNQUALIFIED to Weigh In – I Get a Little Triggered^
^The Horse is Out of the Barn… Let’s See What It Does^
^A Lesson in Aseptic Technique^
^Do You Want to See What Happen When I Get Riled Up? Here You Go!^
^Interpreting the Data^
^No, It Does Not Put You In A Bubble^
^Most People Cannot Conceptualize This… Until Now^

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