Lots of people will tell you that they got the flu after getting the flu shot. Odds are, they did not get the flu from the flu shot but they caught the flu (or something else) because of the flu shot. Confused yet? Read on.

These days, very few vaccines have viable pathogens (live germs) in them. Most have killed, damaged, or dismantled germs along with something called an adjuvant and some preservative. The job of the preservative is obvious; it’s to keep the vial of vaccine from going bad/spoiling. There are different types of preservatives including Thimerosal which contains toxic mercury. The job of the adjuvant is to stimulate your immune system and get you to “mount an immune response”. The adjuvant is basically an irritant that causes some inflammation in your body to get your cells to start making antibodies against the pathogen (germ) that is in the vaccine – just in case you might actually encounter it naturally. Your body recognizes adjuvant as being a toxic, foreign invader and it responds to defend you. Unlike pathogens (germs), adjuvants are unnatural.

So when you are injected with a vaccine you are getting a sample of the germ along with an irritant that is supposed to inspire your body to make antibodies against the germ in the vaccine. Sounds simple, right? Here’s why so many people get sick after getting a vaccine:

When you get vaccinated/immunized your immune system thinks you have just had a massive exposure to a disease and it goes into full on, red alert, attack mode! Theoretically, it focuses your defenses on making a ton of antibodies against the thing you were vaccinated against. This has a Trojan horse effect. Since your immune system gets so distracted by the vaccine other pathogens, including other strains of the flu, have the opportunity to sneak in and attack while your immune system isn’t looking. Have you ever heard about someone who starts out with a viral infection and then ends up with a secondary bacterial infection a week or so later? Same deal. The body spends so much time and energy fighting the original virus that the bacteria can sneak in and attack. When your immune system is distracted by a legitimate or fabricated invader (actual pathogen or a vaccine), it leaves you open to attack by countless others.

What’s a better way? Of course the decision on vaccines should be made by you, after doing the research, using reliable sources – not from reading this article, and probably not from commercials.  (See my article about the Shingles Vaccine).  There are tons of statistics about the lack of effectiveness of vaccines, but that‘s an article for another day. Remember, a germ is like a seed – it needs fertile ground in order to grow. The best thing you can do is to not provide it with a welcoming place to grow. Make your body strong through whole-food nutrition, lots of pure water, exercise, and positive thinking. If you need a little help creating an action plan for your path to wellness contact us and set up a consultation.

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Has your immune sytsem been blinded by vaccines?

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