You Know Someone Who Struggles Through The Holidays. Maybe It’s You.
People tend to say “Happy Holidays” or “Holiday Cheer” but let’s face it; some things about the holidays are hard. Maybe it’s the first holiday without someone. Maybe you’re far away from who you want to spend the holidays with. Maybe you have family tension and you are under pressure to make a lot of people happy. And maybe it’s simply about finding extra time to do all the holiday things.
What if we could help? Read on…
We’ve put together a great package of appointments to help you find more joy in the holiday season!
(No limits if you want more than 1 package!)
Just $97 – SAVE 33%
1 Happy Zap PEMF Appointment
1 EVOX Perception Reframing Appointment
Despite the word “zap”, it’s a very pleasant appointment! You come in for an hour of Pro PEMF in our private rooms and we set the device to 7.8 Hz which is the frequency of the Earth.
You know how calm, centered, and balanced you feel when you’ve walked on the beach or through the forest? That’s because your brainwaves synchronized with the Earth’s frequency. That’s what a Happy Zap does!
We’ve been doing EVOX sessions in our office for over three years now.
EVOX rewrites the songs your subconscious sings.
This video walks you through how an EVOX session works and what types of topics/outcomes we often see.
Some people use EVOX to help them to avoid overeating during the holidays. Other people use it for dealing with holiday stress or grief.
This package price is the best EVOX price we have ever offered!
Fields of Flowers Hits the Reset Button on 38 Different Emotions.
I have it on good authority that spiking the wine with Fields of Flowers helps to ensure a happy holiday!
It makes a great stocking stuffer too!
$28 – always in stock!
A homeopathic remedy for symptoms such as fear, despair, anxiety, depression, compulsiveness, worry, anger, intolerance, impatience, obsessiveness and apathy… to name a few.
Safe for all ages and no contraindications. A squirt under your tongue or in your water/wine (wink) whenever you want!

Fields of Flowers hits the energetic reset button on 38 different emotions.

Winters can be hard. Beyond the holidays, the cold and the darkness – and the stress of driving in the snow and ice – can make for some tough days.
We are here to help you to get through the holidays and the winter with as much joy as possible.
Whether you take advantage of our Happy Holidays Package or just need a bottle of Fields of Flowers, know that we are on this journey with you and we are here to help.
On behalf of our awesome team at Naturally Unbridled Wellness, we wish you Happy Holidays!

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