You know we are huge proponents of PEMF and the cellular benefits. We talk about that a lot. The benefits of PEMF go well beyond the cell, though.

During the (absolutely horrible) winter of 2018, we had to close our office for NINE DAYS due to extreme weather and the polar vortex. As I researched the benefits of PEMF for mood, I learned that brainwaves synchronize with the pulses. That got me thinking…

The Earth’s frequency is 7.8 Hz. That’s documented science. The reason we feel so calm, peaceful, happy, and zen after walking on the beach or hiking through the forest is that our brainwaves synchronize with the frequency of the Earth!

EUREKA! We could simulate a walk on the beach or a hike through the forest while recharging every cell in the body! Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you – the Happy Zap! 1 Hour at 7.8 Hz!

We see remarkable changes in how people feel at the end of their Happy Zap appointments. Remarkable!

Barb used Happy Zaps as part of her plan to stay off of anti-depressants.

Bridget uses Happy Zaps to reset and recharge.

To schedule your Happy Zap, please call 608-799-8326 or CLICK HERE for online scheduling.



The information presented here is for educational purposes only and does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any disease or condition. Always consult your healthcare provider when making wellness choices.

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