Guest Blogger: Wendy Stout, M.S., Energy Practitioner

Have you ever fallen off your horse?  What feelings do you experience now, even years later, as a result of that fall? Does it still bother you and your performance? Would you like to have that change?

My name is Wendy Stout. My Master’s degree is in Natural Health. I am certified as an energy practitioner and educator. My specialty is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I teach people how they can make changes in their lives by understanding that Einstein was right. It’s ALL energy.  What does that have to do with you and your horse?

Energy flows. When it doesn’t flow smoothly in the energy system in our bodies, there are consequences. The simplest illustration is a plumbing pipe. Clog it up, break it or in any way restrict the flow and you have Trouble. EFT is probably one of the better known energy modalities in North America today. The premise by EFT founder, Gary Craig, is that “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system…our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.”  So how do you get energy flowing again?

You identify an issue that might be causing resistance to free flowing energy in your body and remove it. EFT works like acupuncture but without needles. You tap lightly with your fingers on the meridians of the body. What emotions do you feel when you ride or even think about riding?

If you have never seen EFT done, my website has a diagram. Once you know where to tap, the question people most often ask is, “What do I say?”  It’s as simple as identifying your issue(s). There is the set up phrase that is repeated three times at the karate chop point. Then there is the reminder phrase said once at each tapping point while lightly tapping 5 or 6 times with one or two fingers. It doesn’t matter if you use your left or right hand. It doesn’t matter if you tap on the left side, right side or both sides.  Let’s go through a basic round of tapping. It will take longer to read this than to actually do it.

Let’s use an example:

When I was 16 I was riding across a field when a flock of birds flew up and startled my horse. I fell off and had to walk back to the barn. What if this experience had left a lasting emotional feeling that bothers me every time I ride now?

First: I would ask myself how much it bothers me on a scale of 0-10. For this example, let’s say it feels like a 7 when I imagine myself riding.

Second: I would do a round of tapping.

Setup phrase for the karate chop point: (side of hand below the pinky finger)  “Even though I fell off my horse and now I’m nervous when I ride (or I am afraid when I am riding, or whatever the emotion is), I completely love and accept myself.” (3 times)

Reminder phrase for all the other points: “feel nervous (or whatever it is you feel)”

Tap and repeat the following statement  3 times on the Karate chop point (fleshy edge of hand between the baby finger and the wrist) The setup statement would be:  “Even though I fell off my horse and now I’m afraid to ride again (or I am uncomfortable when I am riding, or whatever the emotion is), I completely love and accept myself.”

Face Points

Top of head (draw an imaginary line from your ear across the top of your head to the other ear. The center of this is where you lightly tap about 5 or 6 times.): Say once, “feel nervous.”

Eyebrow (use either or both points. They are just at the start of your eyebrow above your nose): “feel nervous.”

Outside of Eye (Don’t poke yourself in the eye. Go just outside the eye sockets on the bone): “feel nervous.”

Under Eye (Look straight ahead. It’s just under the pupil, on the cheekbone): “feel nervous.”

Under Nose (In the dip under your nose): “feel nervous.”

Under Lip (In the crease): “feel nervous.”

Collarbone (Easiest description is to make a loose fist and tap where a man would knot his tie): “feel nervous.”

Underarm (About 4” below your armpit): “feel nervous.”

Tap underside of wrists together: “feel nervous.”

Use EFT/Tapping to Overcome Your Fears

Third: I would ask myself how much it NOW bothers me on a scale of 0-10 after the round of tapping. Let’s say it started at 7 and after one round went down to a 5. I would repeat the rounds until I could answer “0.” You change the wording if a more appropriate thought comes to mind.

There may be, and often are, multiple emotions. Many are related to what you saw, heard, smelled, felt or tasted at the time of the fall. You will want to tap on each.  Pay attention to thoughts that surface as you tap. “I was so embarrassed.”  “It really hurt my pride.”  “I’m afraid I’ll get hurt again.” “I’m afraid I might break my arm next time.” “I’m afraid of what ____ might say.” “Even the smell of my riding jacket upsets me.” “I feel upset even when I hear the sounds at the barn.” “I get nervous just putting on my riding boots.” Or “the ground tasted nasty when I smacked into it!”

Testing in real situations is the final step. Get back on your horse. How does it feel to you now?  Did another thought or emotion surface you hadn’t thought of before? Tap on it.

Energy modalities can be used to overcome past issues, physical and emotional. AND they can also be used to enhance future performance. You can take a problem from -10 to a 0. Then you can improve your performance from a 0 to a +10. That’s really exciting!

It still amazes me that something that looks so silly can have so many thousands of wonderful real life successes. When people ask me how it works, I just answer, “Very well, thank you!” It is my joy to share this introductory information with you. I would be happy to come teach you and your friends. See my website for details for this most affordable workshop.

 Where is your performance now and where would you like it to be?

Wendy Stout, M.S.

Wendy Stout, M.S.




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