Have you ever gotten to a competition and either the horse or the rider has some kind of emotional glitch that prevents them from performing to their potential?  Stage fright?  Performance anxiety?  Ego?  Power struggle?  Flashbacks to a past trauma?  So many emotional hurdles can prevent the equestrian team from doing what they have trained to do when they get to a competition.   Fortunately, the sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic (emotional/memory) center of the brain.  When the molecules of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are inhaled, they immediately begin to balance brainwaves helping to restore emotional balance.  This article discusses some of my favorite essential oils that come in handy if the horse, rider, or both to combat the emotional demons.

The first thing to know is how to “do” aromatherapy.  For humans, it’s as simple as putting a drop or two of a therapeutic grade essential oil into the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together, without touching your eyes – cupping your hands over your nose, and taking some deep breaths through your nose.  You can also put a drop over your heart or your solar plexus.

Since animals have an intensified sense of smell, aromatherapy is tremendously effective.  Simply opening the bottle and allowing them to smell it (hold on tight!) may be enough.  You can also put a couple of drops in your hand and rub it on their chest or ears.  These VIDEOS are great demonstrations of using Therapeutic Grade essential oils with horses.

This video shows how to use essential oils topically.

This video shows how to use essential oils aromatically.

The following is a short list of Essential Oils and Essential Oil blends that I like to use to balance emotions of horse and rider.  This list is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or prescribe for any condition.  This should not replace veterinary advice or qualified training by an equestrian expert.

Valor – My favorite for confidence and balance.  Can help with performance anxiety and physical balance for the rider who may struggle with balance in the saddle.  In addition to inhaling, rub some on the bottoms of the rider’s feet and put a drop over the heart.

Vetiver – For the horse or rider who is easily distracted from the task at hand.

Believe – For the horse or rider who doesn’t think they can do it.  Combine with Valor and or Envision.

Peace & Calming – For the horse or rider who gets stressed out about being at a show.  Helps with shipping and nervous stall vices.

Harmony – Use for both horse and rider to help them to tune into one another.

Acceptance – For the horse who wants to make all the decisions.  Combine with Harmony or Surrender.

Dragon Time – For the hormonal mare.

Marjoram – For the hormonal stallion or gelding that thinks he is one.

Envision – For the horse or rider who has trouble visualizing success.  Combine with Highest Potential.

Highest Potential – For the confidence to be the best.

Forgiveness – For the horse or rider who has not forgiven themselves or their partner for a previous mistake.

Inner Child – For the lesson horse or veteran show horse who has lost their spark.

Motivation or En-R-Gee – For the horse who is lazy.

Present Time – For the horse or rider who is focusing on past mistakes or successes or is worried about the championship before completing the qualifier.  Be in the moment and focus on the task at hand.

Release – Helps to let go of anger and resentment.

Transformation – For the horse or rider who is changing disciplines or divisions.  (Like the off-track thoroughbred who is training to be an open jumper)

Trauma Life – For the rescued or formerly abused animals or those that have survived a barn fire, trailering accident, or other trauma.  For the rider who needs support getting back in the saddle after a fall.

Stress Away – For the trainer, instructor, groom, or parent who is managing a string of horses and riders at a competition.

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LEARN MORE:  Beyond emotional balancing, essential oils can be used for physical issues as well.  Read my Top 10 Essential Oils for Animals article for more information.

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