It’s painfully common to see the pathway of eczema, steroids, asthma, chronic infections, auto-immune disorders, cancer…

The skin is an organ of elimination, but it is the path of most resistance. When the body’s primary pathways of elimination are congested, the body attempts to detox through the skin.  Inflammation at the site of toxins is the body’s response to the assault.  The medical model suppresses the inflammation through the use of steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs.  The holistic approach supports the body in eliminating the toxins, thus eliminating the need for inflammation.

These photos demonstrate the response of a 5 year old boy with chronic eczema since he was two years old.  His body responded perfectly according to Hering’s Law of the Cure with the healing occurring from the top down and the inside out and with symptoms resolving in the opposite order in which they appeared.

Pinky Before Remedies

Pinky After Remedies








Buttocks Before Remedies

Buttocks After Remedies








Wrist Before Remedies

Wrist After Remedies

Knee Before Remedies

Knee After Remedies


Face Before Remedies

Face After Remedies














He got a little worse at first (common) and then began to steadily improve.  A course of vaccines set his immune system back and he had a flare up, but mom continued the remedies and in less than 2 months (with the vaccine hiccup), his skin is clear and he is without pain and discomfort.

Support the body in healing.  Don’t fight the symptoms, it’s how your body is telling you there’s a problem.

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