April showers bring more than flowers – they bring pollen.  Perhaps you are one of those people who have a love/hate relationship with spring.  You’re glad that the nasty weather has moved on, but you dread the sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose associated with spring allergies.  This NUWsletter will give you some insight as to what causes allergies as well as some tips on how to manage them.  I will include a link to one of my spring favorites – my Dandelion Burger recipe too!

First; what are allergies?  Allergies, simply, are your body freaking out about something it should recognize as no big deal.  A healthy immune system will be free of seasonal allergies.  “Hay Fever” happens when your immune system is so out of balance that it over-reacts to foreign proteins that it should dismiss as harmless.  Its system of defense involves trying to flush out the “attacker” by washing it away with mucous or creating inflammation so that your immune cells migrate to the site and try to fight off the (harmless) invaders.

Opening Channels with Fields of Flowers – a GREAT detox/cleanse

The best defense against allergies is a healthy immune system and the immune system starts in the gut.  Therefore, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a diet free from artificial anti-nutrients like artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives is a great start.  Taking in to the next level would involve a gluten-free &/or grain-free diet.  A spring detox/cleanse is a good idea too!

In the meantime, you can support your body with homeopathy.  I have several clients (and my dog) who have already started their daily dose of Aller-Chord A and Sinus Tone.  Clients have reported NEVER needing to take their over-the-counter allergy medication when they use these remedies – even for allergies to cats!

Homeopathic Help for Your Allergy Symptoms

START NOW! It’s a lot easier to put out a spark than an inferno.  Get ahead of your allergies before your immune system is in full-on Red Alert mode.  If that happens, we’ll probably need a few extra remedies to get you back in balance.

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