We have been getting a lot of requests from people who are looking to lose their pandemic pounds. In addition to being our head PEMF Cellular Exercise Specialist, Shari is a Certified Weight Management Consultant and Health Coach. She developed the Diet Terminator years ago when she ran her own fitness/wellness business in Colorado. Shari and Dr. Patti worked together to combine her Diet Terminator program with some of our holistic products and services to create what we feel will be a highly effective and successful program to help people to FINALLY commit to a healthy food relationship and lifestyle – while eliminating self-sabotage and detrimental patterns and habits.


NO counting calories! NOT a diet! This is a food/nutrition education and mindfulness program with a detoxification component and emotional support.

  • Break free from the chains of dieting and the grip food has on you!
  • End the constant distraction of food and your weight
  • No more reaching for food to soothe emotions, anxiety, stress, or boredom
  • Easily drop excess weight because you are naturally eating as you know you “should”
  • Be more present and connected in your relationships
  • Become comfortable and confident in your body
  • Release the shame and guilt about food and your weight


Shari Mitteco

Shari Mitteco is a Certified Weight Management Consultant and Health Coach and the creator and facilitator of the Diet Terminator

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