Since we brought in the PEMF therapy in March, it has really gone gangbusters! Our clients are seeing such incredible results that we have booked over 300 appointments in the first two months! That’s awesome for the people who are getting the therapy, but not so awesome for someone who has to wait 2 weeks to be able to get an appointment. We have a solution!

Top-of-the-line, Pulse XL-PRO system.

The therapy we have been offering so far is with what we consider to be the highest quality devices in the country (the “Pro” model). We wanted the best devices because we wanted our most challenging clients to get the best results possible. What we later realized is that some clients may not need that high a level of therapy even though they could still really benefit from PEMF.

We worked with the manufacturer and came up with a plan to offer PEMF on a different level. Don’t misinterpret this as it not being as good. It’s just as good, it’s just applied differently. The devices we have now allow us to manually bring you through a series of frequencies and magnetic field strengths. This is tremendously important for people who are just starting PEMF because it allows us to control the energy to minimize detox reactions in people.  These devices are also the best choice for people who really like the benefits of the specific brainwave frequencies. The new Chair & Extremity PEMF therapy may be a good “next step” for some clients after they do their three introductory 1-hour sessions. In these “XX” (XX versus PRO model) sessions, the client is able to adjust the intensity to their comfort level and focus more on specific parts of the body.

WE ARE TEMPORARILY WAIVING THE “All clients will still need to start with the 3-pack of 1-hour sessions” (Introductory rate of $99) POLICY because we have a waiting list for the PRO devices and we don’t want people with acute issues/injuries to have to wait. Based on your response to those three sessions, we may recommend that you continue with the “PRO” PEMF that we have been offering, or we may suggest that you transition to the “XX” Chair system. The choice is always yours. The “XX” sessions are a lower price point as well, so this may make the therapy more available for some people.

Here are some general guidelines:

We have an elaborate Pulse (PEMF) PRO system to address all areas of the body.

Pulse (PEMF) Therapy Appointments: “Pro” System (Beds, Chair, Paddles, Rings, & Pads):

  • Temporarily Waived for acute issues/injuries: All people who are just getting started with PEMF (Introductory offer: 3, 1-hour sessions for $99)
  • People with chronic, systemic conditions
  • People with emotional imbalances (the Pro allows us to provide specific, calming frequencies)
  • People with sleep imbalances
  • People with a long history of pharmaceutical use (at least for a while, for a gentler detox)
  • Much more!

“XX” System (Chair & Paddles):

  • Chair & Extremity PEMF utilizes the XX device, Pulse Chair, and Paddles.

    People seeking more energy

  • People with acute injuries or recent surgeries
  • People with an extremity issue (feet, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders)
  • People who want to improve their general health
  • People with muscle tension in the shoulders, back, and hips
  • Athletes looking to enhance performance or speed recovery
  • People who desire a lower price point
  • Much more!

Once you have your three starter sessions, Danica (or Patti) will be able to recommend which device we feel would help you to achieve your wellness goals the fastest – but the choice is yours! Feel free to email to ask about PEMF sessions. She’s our head PEMF technician with advanced training.

Chair & Extremity PEMF starts May 21st, 2018. You may schedule your appointments at any time.

1-Hour Chair & Extremity PEMF $50

30-Minutes Chair & Extremity PEMF $30

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