Shortly after I opened Naturally Unbridled Wellness, I purchased my first bioenergetics device – a ZYTO hand cradle with their introductory level software. It wasn’t long before I had my mind blown enough times to really start looking into bioenergetic devices and their role in the wellness process. Over time, I have acquired about 5 different devices and upgraded my software along the way.


Atoms are more empty space (energy) than solid particles.

Bioenergetic devices are based in quantum physics and energy fields. Recall that the human body is an organism, made of organs, made of tissues, made of cells, made of molecules, made of atoms, made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. If you look at the structure of an atom, in the center is the nucleus and that’s where the protons and neutrons hang out. Orbiting the nucleus are the electrons and those suckers whiz around the nucleus at a high rate of speed. The movement of the electrons creates a vibration. That vibration can be measured as an energetic frequency – not unlike cell phones, radio, satellite TV – it’s all just energetic frequencies. Since every molecule in the world and every molecule in your body is made up of atoms, each has its own specific energetic signature. With me so far?

Energy wavesBioenergetic devices work like highly sophisticated lie detectors. They introduce a frequency and see how your energy field responds. Some of the devices we use in our office can introduce the frequency of a toxin, pathogen, nutrient, food, or even an emotion, into your energy field and determine if the frequency is in or out of the “balanced” range. From there, we can use the devices to introduce the frequency of various remedies, supplements, and nutrients to your body and see if it brings your signals back into the balanced range. We use these devices to help us to make recommendations regarding which remedies, supplements, nutrients, or therapies may help you to reach your wellness goals fastest.

We use the following devices in our office:

Patti conducting Bioenergetic Assessment on clientAvatar with Wavefront: The Avatar is an electrodermal screening device that uses a blunt probe (no needles) to assess the energy flow through acupuncture meridians in your body by testing acupuncture points on your fingers. This is also called Electroacupuncture by Voll (Dr. Voll discovered it). We combine the Avatar with the Wavefront to be able to imprint your homeopathic remedy with specific frequencies that are determined through the bioenergetic assessment.

Introducing Zyto ELITE.

ZYTO Elite: This device uses the original hand cradle that I mentioned earlier, but I have since upgraded to the highest level of software available. The technology here is very similar to the Avatar. There are certain cases that we recommend one over the other, but both are pretty amazing and help us to make recommendations. You can call it “decision support technology”. Patti Bartsch, PhD, uses this device during her naturopathic consultations.

Patti performing Quantum Biofeedback Therapy on clientQuantum SCIO: This is the second device I purchased after being so impressed with what I was learning from using the ZTYO. The Quantum SCIO does what’s called “Quantum Biofeedback”. I like to call it an “electron massage”. You lay in a recliner or on a massage table and we connect you to the device using a headband, wristbands, ankle-bands, and a “power pad”. The device scans your energy field for over 20,000 frequencies and when it finds an imbalance, it sends a corrective signal. There are lots of testimonials on our website.

ZYTO EVOX: This is the latest technology to be added to our collection. We added this system to support our clients in recovering from emotional challenges and imbalances. There are some really amazing books written on the emotional connection to physical imbalances and we realized that we have some clients who could really use some additional help in this area.

The ZYTO EVOX measures energetic stress in the voice and charts it in a 12-part graph. Each section of the graph represents a different type of stress – for example: fearful and overwhelmed, unworthy/undeserving, and self-critical. After assessing stress frequencies, a corrective frequency is emitted through the hand cradle and the process is repeated until an energetic shift or releasing pattern is detected. Then a remedy is imprinted with balancing frequencies. The whole process is called “Perception Reframing”. It sort of takes you from the level of participant to the level of observer so that the impact of a stressful experience is released or diminished.

Here’s where I sound like a crazy person… All of these can be done for you without you coming to our office. Yeah, Quantum Physics can be hard to wrap your head around unless you’re Stephen Hawking. Here’s the short list of how it works:

Avatar and Quantum SCIO: If you’re already in our system, the device knows your personal frequency (sort of like your body’s cell phone number) and can dial into you wherever you are. If you’re not already in our system, we can input your frequency into the device with a small hair sample. This is also how we use these devices for animals (and sometimes for small children and babies).

ZYTO Elite & EVOX: With a $300 refundable deposit, we can mail you a hand cradle and headset (for EVOX) and we can work with you in real time via videoconference. You just need to install a program on your PC (sorry, it doesn’t work with a Mac). (Additional charges for international shipping.)
We realize that not everyone has the luxury of having a team of holistic practitioners in their area. With this technology, we are able to support you on your wellness journey regardless of where you live.

Lastly, take a moment to consider the fact that since you are made of atoms and that atoms are approximately 5% physical particles and 95% energy field, doesn’t it make sense to address imbalances on an energetic level?

You can book on-site or remote appointments by calling our office at 608-799-8326 or clicking the “Book Appointment” link on this page. We look forward to supporting your wellness journey on many levels.

*Bioenergetic devices do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any disease or condition. They are decision support technology and do not replace qualified medical care. Always consult your healthcare provider when making wellness choices.

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