JOURNEY: In 1993, Selena Miller began her formal training in the natural health field.  Shortly thereafter she started her wellness practice.  As the years went on she continued to expand her education and supported clients with increasingly complicated wellness challenges.  Her success in the field gained the attention of other practitioner and wellness companies leading to her spending over ten years training practitioners around the country in the use of holistic therapies and bioenergetic assessments in helping clients to naturally achieve their wellness goals.

Tapping into the body’s energetic pathways.

JOINING: After more than a decade training practitioners, Selena felt called to return to being a full time practitioner and she accepted the offer to join our team at Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC.  Selena uses a combination of her vast knowledge of herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutrition, the design of the body, and the use of bioenergetic devices to create focused and customized programs based on what the body is energetically prioritizing.

JOY: The increasing interest in natural health in the Coulee Region has inspired our growth and expansion to include gifted and talented practitioners like Selena on our team.  Currently, she is accepting a limited amount of clients based on need and priority.

LEARN: Learn more about the devices that Selena uses.

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Selena Miller, Traditional Naturopath & Bioenergetic Practitioner

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