7 Weight Loss Lies

Are you wondering why you’re working hard to lose weight and aren’t seeing the results you would like? It could be because you’re following some myths you’ve been told and they aren’t serving you. I’m hoping to clear up a few things for you so you can stop making these mistakes and have a better understanding on the truths of weight loss/ management.

     1. Skipping meals = less calories = weight loss
I see this one the most.  Many people are under-eating or doing a mix of under-eating throughout the day and overeating at night. When they do eat, they may go overboard or eat foods that aren’t in their best interest because they think “this is all I’ve had today so I can eat as much as I want”.  Not to mention, by this time, they are totally ravenous and may have a difficult time managing how much they eat.  If this is you, your body does NOT like this approach to eating at all.  Eating less by skipping meals is not the answer.  Your body likes to be fed on a regular basis so it knows it can let go of any excess fat stores, your body needs to “trust” that it will be given nourishment on a regular basis or it will not be in fat burn mode but will be in fat storing mode (starvation mode).  To combat this myth, it’s important to balance eating throughout the day and have regular meal and snack times your body can rely on.

     2. There is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to lose weight
Everyone is different and there is no magic bullet.  Having something that’s personalized that works for you and is in alignment with your current lifestyle is really the key.  Finding ways to implement healthy lifestyle changes based on your age, gender, goals, and personality type will make all the difference on whether you’ll be able to stick to changes long-term or it becomes another failed diet.  Working with an expert will help you sift through all the different options and choose what will work best for you.  I offer a complimentary discovery session that will give you an understanding on where to start.  To take advantage of that, click here.

     3. I need to avoid carbs to lose weight
This myth has been brought on by many popular diets.  The issue with carbohydrates isn’t that they are bad or necessarily cause weight gain.  Many people overeat carbs and overeat the kinds of carbs that lack nutritional value.  Damning all carbs is not the answer.  The answer is choosing higher quality, whole grains or veggies and eating them in a proper portion size and keeping the carbs that don’t have good nutritional value as treat foods and eat them in moderation.

     4. I can’t eat any “treats” if I want to lose weight
I would say that this myth is the biggest problem.  You don’t have to be “perfect” to reach your goals.  I have seen it over and over again, if you allow yourself some treats of the foods you enjoy in moderation, you will be more successful.  If you don’t feel deprived with your lifestyle changes, you will be able to follow through with them and reach your goals more easily instead of yo-yoing back and forth and being obsessed about being “good” or being “bad” on your plan. So, choose some foods you enjoy and that you can eat in moderation and add them once or twice to your week.  You’ll be amazed how this approach will help you stay on track.

     5. The scale is king
I realize I use the term “weight” loss constantly. However, I don’t care what the scale says so much as I want to know that my clients are losing body fat and getting healthier.  I merely use the term because that’s what most people associate with.  Many times, I tell clients to get rid of their scales or at least send it over to the neighbors for the time being.  The scale is only 1 measurement.  It doesn’t let you know if you’re gaining muscle, losing fat, or improving your overall health and well-being.  I see people get frustrated with what the scale says and in turn, have a set back because the expectation of what they think the scale “should” say doesn’t match what it really says.  This can be an overeating trigger for some people if they aren’t looking at how their body is changing overall.  So, find other ways to measure your progress and let go of the importance you place on the scale.

     6. I need to take extreme measures to lose weight
This is exactly opposite of what I preach in the Diet Terminator program.  You want to make small changes that are going to make a big impact.  Taking extreme actions are too difficult and unrealistic for people to live by for the long term.  Telling yourself you’re going to start exercising for an hour every day when you haven’t exercised at all in the past 5 years is setting yourself up for failure.  Decide to exercise 10 minutes a day to start the habit and then increase it as you like to.  You’ll be amazed at the changes you can make in your body with this small and consistent commitment.

     7. Weight loss is simple – It’s all about food and movement

Although, on a few occasions (very few) it can be as simple as move more, eat less.  In my experience, there are usually other factors involved.  People overeat for all kinds of reasons.  To soothe stress, emotions, fear, for reward, and as a distraction from boredom just to name a few.  When you can alleviate these overeating triggers, it’s easier to be in-tune with your body and eat when you’re physically hungry and stop when you’re satisfied.  The food and movement aspect are affected by many other aspects so, those aspects are important to attend to.  Pay attention to what patterns you may have with emotions and food, and begin to make better choices with those triggers.

Shari Mitteco, Certified Weight Management Consultant

Shari has been guiding people to achieve their weight, wellness, and fitness goals for over twenty years. She works with individuals to optimize their metabolism and develop a plan that works for them and their lifestyle. Schedule a Weight & Wellness Consultation (in person or via Zoom) by clicking HERE. Otherwise, please use the Contact Us page on our website. It’s time to work with an expert to discover where you are sabotaging your success and start a successful, strategic approach.

Shari Mitteco
Shari Mitteco, Certified Wellness Coach

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