Stomp on viruses as soon as you detect them.

This time of year, it’s common for lots of people to “catch a cold”. We are seeing more clients coming into the office with sniffles and congestion and feeling pretty cruddy. Here are some tips that I use to prevent and squash viral infections.

1)  Vitamin A: This vitamin has magical powers when it comes to shutting down viruses in the early stages. AS SOON AS I FEEL LIKE I AM HAVING AN IMMUNE RESPONSE (I never say that I am “getting sick” because that admits defeat. I say I am “fighting something off”.) I take 200,000 IU of Vitamin A (not beta carotene which is just a precursor) once or twice in 2 days – up to 400,000). Vitamin A shores up the integrity of the cell membrane which keeps viruses from getting in. These are acute, therapeutic doses and would be considered toxic if you took them frequently or long term.  Oh, and the pure Vitamin A that we carry is only $8.

2) Vitamin D: I take 5,000-10,000 IU of D3 daily. Vitamin D plays a key role in cellular health and immunity.

3) Congaplex or Congaplex Chewables: This is whole food immune support in capsules or chewable tablets (for kid). If I feel my immune system is engaged, I might take 4-6 capsules four times a day until I feel better.

5) Homeopathy: I love the combination of Viru-Chord and Flu-Tone. Again, when the first signs of an immune response show up (sneezing, scratch throat, fatigue), a squirt of both every hour can teach your body to fight harder to conquer the infection.

6) Herbs: Some of my favorite herbs for fighting viruses include Olive Leaf, Mycelia (medicinal mushrooms) and Cat’s Claw.

7) The Usual: Eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and exercise. While sounding a bit cliché, these are fundamental practices for creating a healthy immune system that is capable of fighting off infections.

Here’s the thing… you need to have this stuff handy so you can start dosing right away. Once a virus gets into your cells, it incorporates into your DNA and starts making more copies of itself. Waiting until our office opens or until we can ship something to you, will give the virus plenty of time to replicate and it will take you that much longer to recover. Pick some products that resonate with you and keep them in your handy, holistic first aid kit so you can get on it as soon as possible.

Even better – Throughout “Cold Season” take standard doses of any of these products to keep your defenses up.

What I don’t do, ever… Is get a flu shot. In my opinion, the flu shot is a giant scam. Go to Walgreens and ask to read the package insert. You will read, right there in black and white – from the manufacturer, that the vaccine has NOT been shown to provide immunity. Additionally, the vaccines contain chemicals that are designed to disrupt your immune system – thus weakening (not strengthening) your defenses. For more info about vaccines, see my article:

Your body has the most incredible powers! Your body knows how to identify cells that have been infected with a virus, mark them for attack, and destroy them. If you support your immune system in doing its job, virus symptoms could last a day or two instead of weeks or longer.

We stock all of the remedies and supplements I mentioned. You can pick them up at our office or we are happy to ship them to you. Be well!

The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any disease or condition. These statements have not been approved by government agencies. Always consult a licensed medical provider when making wellness choices.

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